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jonblarc7 08-05-2013 9:59 AM

Any one have a kenwood KTS-MP400MR
I need the stock KTS-MP400MR kenwood head unit to replace the one I have now that is acting up. It has power but won't come on every time. I tried to see if any of the supra guy's had one but no luck and ebay hasn't been much better either, most of those are already broken.

mnwakerider 08-05-2013 8:29 PM

I've got a KTS300-MR, LCD full display and control remote, and 25 cord for remote for sale. The 300 works with all the same accessories just doesn't play MP3 CDs. All other add-ons work the same. Selling all of it for 100 plus ship. Also have the iPod hook-up unit, but it was acting up last i used it. Might be an easy fix. Not sure.

Email me if you're interested. Johnlbrine'at'gmail'dot'com.

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