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robandrus 07-31-2013 2:13 PM

Closed loop cooling system -2001 X-Star
Just picked up a 2001 Xstar. Its coming up from San Diego and it should be here on Monday.
It has a closed loop cooling system, I've never even seen one of these before. What can you tell me about them? Any issues? Winterization? Drawbacks? Would it be worth removing and selling? Thanks for the help.

robandrus 07-31-2013 2:17 PM

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Here's a pic

beleza 07-31-2013 2:36 PM

Is it the one with the galvenized trailer and messed up fender?

boardman74 07-31-2013 2:56 PM

From what i have seen, its not something you remove. Without changing a bunch of parts anyway.

robandrus 07-31-2013 7:31 PM

Beleza, yah it is that one.

pcolajosh 07-31-2013 7:37 PM

The big round thing is a heat exchanger. Raw water is pumped into that and it cools the engine coolant which is simply antifreeze like your car. It's known as a half system because raw water is still used to cool your exhaust manifolds/risers. It's a great system and costs about a grand to put in. I think it's made by a company called "ORCA". It's best to just keep it on there, because there's not much of a market for a used system. As far as winterizing, just drain the heat exchanger and it's GTG. Don't forget to winterize your heater if equipped, and ballast system as well.

polarbill 07-31-2013 7:38 PM

I don't know from experience but I would think it would be fairly easy, especially since that was before a real saltwater mastercraft and was most likely just a dealer add on. I could be completely wrong but shouldn't it be as easy as removing the heat exchanger, replacing the factory hose from raw water pump to circution pump/Tstat housing and replacing the hose that goes from engine to exit?

You may want to replace the exhaust manifolds and risers as those most likely saw the raw/salt/brackish water.

beleza 07-31-2013 9:30 PM

Let me know how it looks when you get it. I'm in st. george and was extremely close to buying that boat. Just couldn't get over the galvenized trailer...

splashbenidorm 07-31-2013 11:59 PM

let me know if you want to sell it.
We would also need to check the shipping costs to Europe.

Good luck with the boat, it's a great ride!

robandrus 08-01-2013 8:41 AM

Beleza, Yah, it sold on ebay to somebody else, they came to pick it up, but then started trying to renegotiate on it. The guy told him to take a hike. I was debating back and forth between this one and a 1999 X-Star in Seattle that I could have gotten for $17k. I think I made the right choice. Now to find a fender and make my project list. Shipper is picking it up today, I'm waiting for my overnight check to arrive. Should have it tomorrow afternoon!

robandrus 08-01-2013 8:42 AM

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beleza 08-01-2013 8:49 AM

Ha yeah I actually bid on it when it was on ebay. I called him again after it was on ebay and like I said I was minutes from picking it up. Just decided to pass in the end. Hope it's a great boat for ya!

robandrus 08-01-2013 9:12 AM

I'll let you know. I usually flip them, but I'm kind of hoping to have this one for a while. So where do you ride in St. George? Every time I go to Sand Hollow its insane! (Not to mention I got swimmers itch last time)

beleza 08-01-2013 10:06 AM

Ha yeah I go to sand hollow. Only during the week and I'm off the water by 11 o'clock usually. I don't even bother going on the weekends. Haven't gotten swimmers itch yet... knock on wood.

deuce 08-01-2013 10:12 AM

Nice find, Rob....look foward to following another thread!

Hi-jack on

Love Sand Hollow during the week, have done it numerous times.....but not for a few years. Use to rent a house about a mile from the launch, head out in the AM....off by around 2....good as gold. Guy doesn't rent by the day anymore, so have sort of forgot about those days.

Is swimmers itch an issue down there? Never heard of it.....(there)....

Hi-jack off...

beleza 08-01-2013 11:17 AM

More of an issue along the shoreline but yeah it's definitely an issue. Especially bad this year. The house you use to rent must have been in Dixie Springs?

jhartt3 08-01-2013 7:15 PM

So say I'm looking at a boat that I'm sure has been in brackish water and salt water. What should I replace and how much do those parts and install typically cost?

georgebarber 08-02-2013 12:00 AM

Re:Closed loop cooling system -2001 X-Star
The reviews are good so far,have not heard about any drawbacks.I hope you also have a good experience.Let me know if you are facing any issues because i am also planning to buy one.

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