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heyshortie 07-30-2013 8:00 PM

As overheard at GRTW 2013...
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For all the ladies that didn't make it out to Girls Ride The Wake (and the guys that wonder what we talk about all weekend!), here are some of the snippets from this year...as heard at GRTW 2013:

***“You can borrow my board ‘cuz I know you won’t pee on it, not like my wetsuit.”

***Little: “Wow great handle pass Macy! (8 yrs. old). (Then as an aside to the other Littles) "Sigh...it’s so easy for the young ones."

***New rider: “I’m going to do a 180.”
Coach: “Really?!? How were you planning that?”
New rider: “Well I was thinking about going that way [pointing across the wake] and just doing it.”

***That’s what HE said.

***(Said to guy who was complaining about not being allowed to ride at GRTW) “WHO rides the wake? That’s riiiiiiiggggghhhhttt byotch!”

***Best coaching tip: “First you ride up the wake…then…you just ride up it."

Yeah, it was that good.


Lots of love!!


ktm525 07-31-2013 7:32 AM

Photo of the event are here.

07-31-2013 9:15 AM

Thanks Don for taking all the great pictures! I was too busy having fun to take any!

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