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tke104 07-29-2013 9:08 PM

TWP Bomb Pop vs Keenan vs Flyboy
Currently I ride an IS 4-skim Moss behind a 2012 210. I'm looking to add a surf style board to my quiver this year or next. Unfortunately, I don't have any way to demo boards, but I think I've narrowed it down to the following:

TWP Bomb Pop (4.5)
IS Keenan Surf
IS Flyboy

Can anyone who has ridden these give me an unbiased review? I'm about 150+ lbs, 5'8". Also, I saw something about a TWP Super Bomb Pop? Is it worth it to wait for this to come out?

Last, has anyone ridden the new IS Keenan Skim? I like the IS Moss I have, but sometimes I wish it was just slightly larger. Does anyone know how these two boards compare?

kimper 07-30-2013 6:56 AM

I rode a bomb pop at Polar bear. I may have ridden the Keenan too, but I'm not sure. I rode a bunch of boards there, and I have to tell you my favorite board ever so far is the Fly Boy. It has more speed and driving force than anything I have ever ridden. It is extremely sensitive to subtle movements. It handles like a Ferrari in my opinion!

timmyb 07-30-2013 9:05 AM

I think you honestly need to ride all of those boards and see which is best for you. I ride a 4'9" Bomb Pop and absolutely love it. I rode the Flyboy last year but at 190 lbs, I was too heavy for it and didn't like it. Since getting the BP, I completely lost my 360's, I've had the board for a year and still have yet to do one but that is probably due to poor technique since the board spins around just fine. I upgraded the fins to the Futures Black Stix too and they really added some speed to the board.

tke104 07-30-2013 10:03 AM

I would love to demo them all but unfortunately that isn't an option. I've ridden the original flyboy and I really liked it. Can anyone compare the original flyboy to the IS flyboy? What were the major changes? How does the bomb pop ride compared to the flyboy?

MICAH_HARPER 07-30-2013 1:05 PM

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have you ever thought about riding a Doomswell....i know you didnt mention them and i may get some scoffing for it but im 6' and 210lbs and ride a 4'5" Doomswell Roundtail Drone and i absolutly love it...super fast and spins like a top and Black Stiks are for sure the way to go.

Dont hesitate to give them a look...they will make anything you want

Here is mine

Chaos 07-30-2013 1:31 PM

The bomb pop is a mixed custom/model board. The others are basically one size fits all or many concepts. At 4'5" it is similar to a first IS flyboy in general outline, tends to have more concave on the bottom and a bit more rocker, in a more natural orientation and wider tail. The IS Flyboy is more similar to the TWP signature. The bomb pop has a wider tail, and some tweaking here and there with the fins compared to the signature. Different people will tell you one or the other is faster. The facts are neither one is probably significantly faster than the other. One or the other might feel looser or more nimble. Loose and nimble feels 'fast', even though you/and the board are not actually moving at a higher rate of speed. A more correct description would probably be responsive.

I find the flyboy to be stiff, sort of dead feeling. Some people like that. Micah's doomswell above is very similar to a flyboy in outline and they share a similar tail, fin configuration and staged rocker. Construction is completely different, but the core material is the same.

Inland is basically out of stock on the mentioned models for 2013, and I think done for 2013. So unless you get a KF or Flyboy from a dealer with stock, you aren't getting one anytime soon.

It sounds like you would probably like a custom board. I suggest, looking at Shred Stixx Custom, Soul Craft, TWP, or Doomswell. Each one of these companies can work directly with you to build a board to your liking, ability and needs.


johnboyy7 07-30-2013 1:52 PM

i agree with davis, micah and nick.

ive ridden the original FB (i own), TWP signature, and doomswell all in one day.
Original FB is the fastest and most responsive. I hear the IS is a good board just not quite the original.
TWP is a good board.
i liked the Doomswell that micah meantions. It is a bit faster than the TWP and handles better also.

i currently own a Doomswell and really like it. you should call brock. 409-692-6363. hes great to work with and a bit cheaper.

wofrankwo 07-30-2013 8:03 PM

Another option out there is the Mendonesia Half Moon ....... hand shaped and made by ocean surfers who have been making boards for years ....... a board that can be aired out and spun ...... every board made is custom hand made and painted in House!! Look and see how well these Boards Perform!!!

ragboy 07-30-2013 10:13 PM

If you are bigger like Timmy, you won't like the bomb pop, but you are right in that range that should work fine on the Flyboy. I would stay away from the Keenan IS Surf. I don't think its a board you can just get on and enjoy, its very different. That is a board I think you must demo before you buy. And we didn't have those at the polar bear.

As far as the flyboy or bomb pop, both great, but yet not the same. You would probably be happy with either. Go with the one you can get the quickest and enjoy.

rugbyballa3 07-31-2013 8:28 AM

kp do some research on your companys first. twp makes a great board i have a bazooka. but it also took 2 months to get the board. my buddys bomp pop took 3 months. look into day1wake.com the have a trevor milller pro model called the addiction and it is a great board. and great customer service. they are working very close with me to build me a custom board because of my size. i am 390lbs. call and talk to bryce 206.280.6223 . good people.

timmyb 07-31-2013 10:36 AM

Check with Cal Marine Sports, they usually have a pretty good inventory of boards and you may not have to wait for anything. Also check out the Soulcraft lineup as well, the Jetty rides very, very similar to the Bomb Pop in my opinion.

tke104 08-01-2013 6:56 PM

Thanks for all the advice. I'm leaving toward the flyboy because I can probably get one this season, and I liked it a lot the one time I rode it. I'm a little concerned with the pearling issues I've heard from some people. I understood the bomb pop rode very similar but didn't pearl as much, is this the case or do they ride a lot different?

wakemitch 08-01-2013 7:52 PM


Originally Posted by timmyb (Post 1836527)
Check with Cal Marine Sports, they usually have a pretty good inventory of boards and you may not have to wait for anything. Also check out the Soulcraft lineup as well, the Jetty rides very, very similar to the Bomb Pop in my opinion.

CMS has Bomb Pops and Soulcraft Jettys in stock and ready to ship. Free shipping too

timmyb 08-02-2013 7:51 AM


Originally Posted by wakemitch (Post 1836881)
CMS has Bomb Pops and Soulcraft Jettys in stock and ready to ship. Free shipping too

Give Mitch a call! :D

rugbyballa3 08-02-2013 8:32 AM

i think day 1 wake only takes 10 days to build

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