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07-28-2013 1:04 AM

Trailer Hub problems.
So I recently re-packed all the bearings with grease on my trailer. I towed it for 10 miles and felt the rear axle w/ brakes and the hubs were pretty hot. The brake axle both had hot hubs and the other was fine. I really don't think its a bearing issue but a brake issue. I think the brakes are dragging. The trailer is a 2001 Extreme for a tige 21ft, dual axle, leaf springs, bearing buddy.

What are the main causes for brakes sticking and how can I easily fix it? I only have 1 day to fix it then leaving for a lake trip. I will be towing with a F350 diesel so my last resort would be to disconnect the brakes. What is the best way to do that also?

WheelerWake 07-28-2013 5:26 AM

I had the same problem. It was caused by the emergency break-away system in the hitch. It was sticking and would hold the brakes on.

07-29-2013 12:59 AM

Ended up being the brake pads, the pads separated and the material was getting wedged up against the rotor. I just removed the brakes altogether for now. The super duty shouldn't have a problem with a 21ft boat.

wakebordr11 07-29-2013 5:16 AM

On our 2000 eagle trailer the brake cylinder seized up causing the pads to rub rub rub which would heat up the grease, the hubs would go dry and I cooked a bearing... scary time. Nothing bad happened luckily

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