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tims72 07-27-2013 1:19 PM

Lake Tahoe Information
Anyone know good places to launch the boat in Tahoe? Boat prices/processes that I need to know about before heading out? Fees? Overnight slips?

We will be staying in the Donner Area.


denystaucd 07-27-2013 4:14 PM


Bunch of info in this thread... I noticed that at North star they were doing boat inspections for stickers to get on the water;

I was just up at Sand harbor (Nevada side) and it's really nice there, noticed quite a few boats out on the water and several tied up in various coves;

But that side has massive boulders in the water, I swam out a good 50-75 yards and could stand on boulders only 2 feet below the surface. Where the water should of been 20 feet deep. SO be carefully.

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