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cause I know I am cutting hard enought 07-31-2001 2:04 PM

I have one big problem that is keeping me from advancing!!! On my wake jumps I can't get the hieght I want to start trying inverts and spins. I have a really good cut into the wake and I can clear the wakes but I have been told my height isn't as big as it should be. I want to know if I am cutting wrong(cause I know I am cutting hard enought) or not extending my legs enough or at the right time or what. Any suggestions???

maybee i said 08-01-2001 11:10 AM

Work on your timing. maybee it's your board(maybee i said)

08-01-2001 12:02 PM

Make sure that you are squatted when you approach the wake and then stand tall as you come up the wake. I did the same thing for a long time, then one day I did it right and it popped my way up there. You will know the feeling once you get it right.

not on your heels, but your body should be balanced over the board and on edge which of course pulls 08-01-2001 2:16 PM

Another thing, make sure you are cutting all the way through the wake and not flattening off. Sometimes you can't even tell if you are doing this, just others in the boat and notice though. I had this problem for a long time and when I finally got it, I noticed a huge difference. Make sure and keep your wieght balanced over your board (not on your heels, but your body should be balanced over the board and on edge which of course pulls against the boat causing lots of tension), and edge through the wake and stand tall resisting the tension of the line. When you release, the tension and standing tall off the wake will pull you up and into the air. <BR> <BR>I've seen a guy throw Raley's, mobes, and tons of crazy ch*t off a ski nautique with no wieght and no pylon. Its all about getting the right tension and progressive cut. Or you can just make it easy on yourself and go out and buy a Byerly board and a Super Air Nautique and throw about 2000 lbs in there and no matter what you do you'll get 5-10 ft of air <BR> <BR>:-)

08-01-2001 7:22 PM

Don't cut so hard. Load the rope more. Your cut gives you distance. The load on the rope gives you height. Take a very slow cut into the wake and pull super hard as you get closer to the wake.

08-01-2001 9:23 PM

Should you be standing tall when you hit the wake or extend your legs?

08-02-2001 7:40 AM

You should be squatted when you hit the bottom of the wake and start up it. You have to time it so you stand tall when you get to the top of the wake. If you wait too late, there is nothing to pop off of. Your stance should also have you still edging through the top of the wake like the others said here.I just begin to stand when I hit the bottom of the wake and have the timming down now. The first time I got the timing right it threw me off balance because I had missed it so many times.

08-02-2001 4:50 PM

The secret to hieght is in your arms, not your legs. Standing tall will give you height, but it is what you want. Work on only using your arms to load the rope. Once you feel the rope load and pop off the wake, then start working on your cut and standing tall.

08-02-2001 5:05 PM

Thanks guys, <BR>That is exactly what I was looking for....I'm gona ride saturday and sunday, i'll let you all know how it works out

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