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beleza 07-27-2013 9:49 AM

Question and info about 04 SAN 210 Tower... and boat overall
Looking at picking up an 04 Nautique. Like many, I'm not a huge fan of the tower. I was wondering if anybody knows if the more preferred FCT 2 tower (2000-2003) can use the same mounts as the 04 tower? Will I have to drill new holes or anything? My buddy has an 03 SAN so I'm hoping he will be will to trade me (good luck I know).

Also, Any drawbacks on an 04 to be aware of besides the tower? A SAN has been my dream boat for a while so I want to make sure i get what a want. I would have preferred an 03 or an 05 but the price is good on this 04 so I feel like I shouldn't pass it up just because of the tower. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

MattieK27 07-27-2013 11:27 AM

Yea the 04 tower isnt the best, but is it really bad enough to go through the trouble of swapping? One benefit of the 04 tower, the uprights are lower so it has more clearance when the tower is folded, the windshield ends up being the highest point on the boat.

I am unsure if the mounting points are identical.

beleza 07-27-2013 11:48 AM

Yeah I've been debating whether it will be worth it. It's just when I have pictured my dream super air in my head I always imagine it with the FCT 2. I know it's weird. If I can sell the FCT 3 and end up within a few hundred dollars of what I pay for a FCT 2 then it will probably be worth it to me. I don't ever fold the tower so not really worried about that.

kyle_L 07-27-2013 1:17 PM

i have an 04 210. Never had one problem with it. I've been running 3500 lbs in it since 04 and it has held up great. No complaints with the tower, wake is always huge, BUY IT

brichter14 07-27-2013 4:07 PM

You can get an FCT lookalike on newdimensions for around 2k if it is worth it to you.

brichter14 07-27-2013 4:11 PM


That should work for you, I know it has the same hull but I'm not sure about the deck, since our boats have the same length and width it should be ok

beleza 07-27-2013 4:26 PM

Kyle where are you putting all that 3500 lbs? Did you pull out the rear hard tanks? Also have you upgraded your pp to stargazer or is the one that's in there good enough?

nick_in_ssp 07-27-2013 7:07 PM

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If you are talking about this tower, it fits on a Nautique 2001 perfectly, with the exception of cutting out the cross peice with the rope tow point on it, cutting 10" out of the tubing up there and new back leg mounts. After that it was like it was made for the boat. This was my first boat that I turned into a make shift wake boat. I would think you could get close to a grand $ if you found the right person looking to put a tower on their 2001.

kyle_L 07-27-2013 11:12 PM

1000 pound triangle bow sac up front, 750 in the hallway starting at the end of the front seat extending back 2 550s in the back with 750 of ballast- so about 3500 to 3650; more realistically now that i write it out 3300-3400. Planes off fine with the balance

brett33 07-28-2013 10:51 AM

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2002 SANTE- 750s in the rear, ~750 midship, 1000 in the nose.

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