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Jbuenojr 07-27-2013 7:16 AM

fat sac
Does anyone know how to remove the front fat sac out of a 2013 v215 Sanger .
We need to drain all the water out before it get an inspectioned so we can take it to the local lake.

Dmac420sj 07-27-2013 10:17 AM

If its like my v210 you got to unhook the over flow which is under the helm on the sude(obviously) it up pretty high under there and that hose runs forward up under your bow seat and to the nose which it is fed through a 21/2 " hole so have some one feed that through the bow hole as you pull th sack out from the other end after you disconnect the fill hose. Make sure you don't pull the over flow hose through the small hole it will be a bitch to retrieve so just disconnect it as soon as you can and leave it. To re install hook up the over flow hose and have some one pull that hose at the same time someone else feeds it in.

saberworks 07-27-2013 10:44 AM

I bought some fittings from wakemakers so I can just cut that hose and have a quick-disconnect. Haven't gotten around to it though. If you do pull the hose out, be sure to attach a string or rope so it's easy to pull back through when you want to put it back in.

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