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cassidyb 07-25-2013 3:38 PM

help me build a ballast system for an 06 Enzo
Wanted to seek everybody's input on building a system for the above mentioned boat. End goal is to get the best surf wave possible, be completely automated, and no sacs on seats. The boat has the stock hard tanks so the initial thought is to remove those and add enzo sacs to both the lockers. I would also like to add extra reversible pumps to both sides to reduce fill and drain times, also thinking about adding another sac under the clam shell. In regards to going with 2 sacs on the port side as opposed to a longer custom sac, i spoke to a guy at wakermakers today and it was actually his recommendation to go that route because the custom sacs are upwards of 900-1000. How much bow weight do these enzos need? should i plan on adding a plumbed sac or will human ballast be enough?

any other thoughts or considerations? Im in denver where there is no centurion dealership, all the other dealerships have declined to do the install because of liability, i have been referred to a place called Liquid Powersports in Fort Collins, anybody have any experience with them?

spencerwm 07-25-2013 4:04 PM

I have heard Ryan and the guys at Liquid do a good job. We have mutual happy customers.

I would go with the Enzo sacs as they will be the best fit if you have side swipe exhaust which I am guessing you do. If you do not I would suggest going with a larger sac in the rear compartment and another under the seat area.

I would remove the hard tanks either way. If you have sideswipe you should rewire the current jabsco pumps to run both forward and reverse. We sell a reversible pump pre-wired switch block to make that easy. Run 1" hose from each pump into the bottom of the bags for filling and draining. Cross the vents from port to starboard and starboard to port to prevent any passive draining while surfing.

To speed the system up I would simply install the X-Link ballast transfer system between the two bags. This will allow you to switch sides in 5 to 7 minutes. You can obviously add more pumps but that means more thru-hull fittings in the bottom of the boat. It depends on how you use the boat.

I like the Fly High integrated Bow sac up front under the seats. You can install a stand alone ballast system to fill and drain it like Centurion does in their current boats.

cassidyb 07-25-2013 4:23 PM

what is the stock pump configuration on this boat (its not in my possession and wont be till sat)? i assumed they used aerator pumps? if they used impeller pumps why would they not already be reversible?

also this particular boat does not have sideswipe

spencerwm 07-25-2013 10:30 PM

OK. Sorry for the super boring post. Do you know what ballast system the boat was ordered with, how many tanks? That generation of Centurion ballast system works like this...

Filling: A Jabsco Ballast Puppy Pump (located on a shelf between the motor and the v-drive) pushes water into a manifold located behind the motor. What ever ballast switch is placed into the fill position opens a valve to allow water into the desired hard tank. The lines from the valves to the hard tanks are plumbed with 3/4" hose. Depending on the system you may have one impeller pump pushing water into a single manifold or two impeller pumps pushing water into two manifolds. Unlike 2002-2008 Supra and Moomba boats this fill system does work because impeller pumps are self priming and have some head pressure. With that said the system is still slow because of the restriction within the valves

Vent/Overflow: Located on the top of each hard tank is a vent. It is also 3/4" hose.

Draining: Each hard tank has it's own aerator drain pump that is screwed directly into the back. The drain hose is also 3/4".

If you do upgrade the pumps to run in both directions I would recommend switching out the black impellers for the greens as they will have an easier time moving from the forward direction to the reverse direction.

Since you do not have side swipe it may be wise to go with two bags instead of a single Fly HIgh Enzo Sac if you do not want to place bags on the seat. I must ask, are you are looking to build the best surf wave possible or just out to have a good time? Either way you will produce an unbelievable surf wake.

cassidyb 07-26-2013 10:27 AM

i do not know for sure what exact ballast system it was ordered with, it seems the owner and owners rep selling the boat dont know a whole lot about it. it was described as having dual ballast, and PP. in the pictures you can see the trim tab and no sideswipe so im assuming it was ordered with the Storm 2 package...

does it make any sense to get rid of the manifolds and just use dedicated pumps and 1'' lines?

would like to get the best regular surf wave possible and have a goofy wave that is fun and surfable.

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