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jpar247 07-25-2013 12:23 AM

Wetsounds SD6 location
Hey guys, great forum you guys got here. I find it a great source for Marine Audio, LED, etc info...

I myself run a aluminum river boat rather than a regular wake boat. I just ordered a bunch of gear for the boat, here is a breakdown.


Here is my questions on laying it out.

-Should I mount my Amp Circuit breaker after the dual batt switch??? Im thinking yes, incase I have to run both batts (looking to do 2 6v Golf Cart batts in the fall for the stereo side)

-For the SD6, would you guys rather it be mounted in a compartment beside the motor that gets pretty warm, has been known to get pretty humid in there, and has a bunch of random crap in there from cleaning supplies to oil (it will be elevated from them). It also houses both batt boxes. I could mount the SD6 on the opposite side which is loaded with lifejackets altho might house the Sub there(got a question about that too).... OR
I can run about 18ft of power wire to the bow of the boat where the Amp would be all by itself, behind the dash close to the WS420, and its less humid and warm up there(minus the heater on 1 side)... If I went with the bow I would run a thicker gauge wire if the SD6 could fit it 2 gauge?

-With the sub would u guys suggest it being in the back of the boat closed off in a sealed box or under one of the bench seats in the cabin in a ported box?

-What gauge speaker wire would you guys suggest?

- The amp will be set up like this

Channel 1/2 - 4 x XS650 (Thinking of running them in parallel that would give me 2 Ohms right??? That would give me 145W a speaker ?)

Channel 3/4 - Icon 8s (Parallel?)

Channel 5/6 - Bridged for the XS-12

Sorry for the long ass first post. Can't wait to hear your guys opinions!

jonyb 07-25-2013 7:48 AM

Channel 1/2 will be powering the 650's at 2 ohm stereo.
Channel 3/4 will be 4 ohm stereo
Channel 5/6 will be 4 ohm mono

I'm running a similar setup in my Can Am Maverick - with the exception that there's only 1 pair of 650's. I think either location would be fine, but would probably go the route with less heat. My SD6 is just behind the hood. It's covered in mud, has gotten wet from the creek riding, and takes a lot of heat from the motor. It's been in that location in the Maverick, and in the same location on a Commander, for about 6 months - with no issues.

16 gauge to the icons and 650's, 12 gauge to the sub.
The box can be ported or sealed. Ported will be larger, but will be louder.
The circuit breaker should be within 18" of the battery, or battery switch if you run it off of the common post.

jpar247 07-25-2013 10:26 PM

So 18ft ish of power wire shouldn't be a problem if I decide to mount it in the bow?

chpthril 07-26-2013 7:26 AM


Originally Posted by jpar247 (Post 1835780)
So 18ft ish of power wire shouldn't be a problem if I decide to mount it in the bow?

Not if the cable is the correct gauge for the load and length.

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