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phathom 07-25-2013 12:01 AM

Useful boating tips courtesy of The Lonely Island
I had it stuck in my head and realized there is a lot of sound advice for boat repair and safety in the song, "On a boat".
For instance,
" get your towels ready"
To wipe down the boat after a day out to protect the finish and remove any aquatic and potentially invasive species.
" But stay on your motherf-ing toes"
Observe debris, sandbars, buoys, other boats, currents, etc.
"Take a good hard look
At the motherf-ing boat"
Thoroughly examine the boat for any leaks, damage, or loose connections.
" You can't stop me motherf-er 'cause I'm on a boat"
There are no brakes, maintain a reasonable speed and stopping distance.
" Take a picture, trick"
Take a picture for reference before disassembly, so you can put it back together properly.
" I got my swim trunks and my flippie-floppies"
Wear appropriate attire, and remove your footwear before boarding.
" But this ain't Seaworld, this is real as it gets"
As the operator you have your, your passengers'll, and other boaters' lives in your hands, be careful.
" I got a nautical themed, Pashmina Afghan"
Even in warm weather, make sure to keep warm, dry clothes or blankets aboard in case the weather turns or you get stuck and are out later than planned.
" This boat engine make noise, motherf-er"
Pay attention to the sounds of your engine and listen for anomalies that may indicate a problem.
" It's a big blue watery road"
And as such, know the rules of the road.

polarbill 07-25-2013 7:59 AM


phatboypimp 07-26-2013 6:38 AM

This is why I love the internets.....how else would you find something so awesome.

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