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matt_lavender 07-24-2013 5:19 PM

Wakesurfing with direct drive
Hi I am a avid wakeboarder and wakesurfer and am looking to really progress my riding to the next level. My family has a 03 mastercraft x9. This is a competition ski boat (prostar 205) with 2 fat sacs and a tower. My dad bought it wanting an all around boat because he was an old school slalom skier but knew wed want to wakeboard. Now weve been all riding for a while now and pretty much only board. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to weight the boat in addition to the stock ballast?

I want a meatier bigger wake to go higher and bigger on a wakeboard to expand my bag of tricks and a good wave for surfing to be able to ride with no rope. the wake wakeboarding is around a foot and a half maybe 2 with a full boat and a surf wave is a little over knee high. Im around 5'10''.

I know a v-drive would be much better and am working on convincing my dad that it would be a good option for us however it is not going well.

xstarrider 07-25-2013 8:40 AM

I can't recall the factory setup on the 03 at the moment , but I think it is a sac under the rear seat and that's it correct?

Here are a couple ways. Not sure how much your dad wants sacs floating around the boat filling up space so again here is a couple.

Grab 1 500 lb sacs an 2 750's Put one one 750 on each side engine and 5
The 500 in the walk through for boarding. Then when you want to surf move that non surf side 75"to the rear seat/ floor area. You may not fill the 750's all the way for boarding but for surfing you will.

Next option grab 750lb or an 1100lb sac and a 500lb sac. Lay the 750/1100 across the rear bench and put 500 in the walkway. For boarding you won't fill the 1100 all the way probay 3/4 max of that. To surf put the 750 on the surf side along the wall as far to the rear as possible and if you chose the 1100 fill it up until you feel comfortable with the water line outside the boat.

The issue with the 209 is it kind of has a low freeboard which doesn't give you a ton of leeway to slam with ballast. Especially for surfing. So experiment a bit. I have surfed a 209 on occasion with the first setup I mentioned up there. We ended up emptying the front 500 bag half way or so. The wakeboard wake is really clean and has more of a ramp feel. Play around with the position of the bags.

bcrider 07-25-2013 9:01 AM

I personally find in my DD I get a better surf wave if I am doing circles opposed to running straight.

matt_lavender 07-25-2013 1:42 PM

[QUOTE=xstarrider;1835628]I can't recall the factory setup on the 03 at the moment , but I think it is a sac under the rear seat and that's it correct?

yes it is in the rear and one in the center perpendicular to the one in the rear. Thanks for your advice I will definitely run that idea past him!

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