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MuskokaCanada 07-24-2013 1:49 PM

Anyone in Caledonia, Ontario ????
We're gonna be kickin' it in Caledonia quite a bit the rest of the season. Any locals care to show us around, come out and ride?

davedidonato90 09-20-2013 8:14 AM

DUDE! I ride the grand river in Caledonia all the time! wish I saw this post earlier. would have loved to get more riding in this summer. Maybe next season man.

8Eyewear 09-23-2013 12:55 PM

I'm definitely in next year. Might need some members local for filming some promotional videos if anyone is up for the task.

davedidonato90 09-23-2013 6:02 PM

I own a go pro and have some editing skills

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