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fgcuwake 07-24-2013 2:32 PM

Where's Harley?
Can someone please explain how big this invisible rock is that I've been under? Where the heck has Harley been on all the recent PWT podiums?

mpfiste2 07-24-2013 2:46 PM

Injured shoulder at Cali tour stop.

fgcuwake 07-25-2013 6:27 AM

preciate ya

ToPHeR35 07-25-2013 9:26 AM

Damn, didn't he take a hard fall at the stop before that too and didn't even qualify?

austin 07-25-2013 12:40 PM

No, he won the stop in NC. He got injured during the CA stop and did not place. Subsequently he was unable to ride at Red Bull Wake Open or the next stop in WA. Actually I think he did do one run at WA and won his heat but pulled out of his next heat and did not ride.

Bill_Dad 07-26-2013 5:26 PM

Harley has strained the tendant in his shoulder, which he did at the tour stop in Cali. He stuck his arm through the handle.
Not sure if he is riding nationals yet.
The Specialist has told him 6 to 8 weeks of no riding for a full recovery.
Yes he did ride at the Seattle stop winning his heat the first day but unable to back it up the next day as his shoulder was hurting.
Hoping for a speedy recovery.

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