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Wakeboardingguy123 07-23-2013 6:27 PM

Any 19-20 foot inboard Wakeboard boat 25k
I wish I could go up to 21 but I can't. So I would like any inboard that's 19-20 feet long and throws the biggest wake possible. Also I would like it to be V drive, but Direct Drive is okay too. I only have 25k to spend so I can't go get a a20. Please Help!

Wakeboardingguy123 07-23-2013 6:39 PM

If you guys have any questions or anything feel free to ask

polarbill 07-23-2013 6:46 PM

Are you limited to 20' because of the lake restrictions or storage? If it is the latter remember most 20' boats will be longer than 20' on the trailer, even with the swim platform removed. If it is lake restrictions how strict are they on the actual length?

Wakeboardingguy123 07-23-2013 6:49 PM

The lake I live on in Indiana is crazy strict about the 20 foot length limit it can't even be one inch above 20.

polarbill 07-23-2013 6:58 PM

ouch, that sucks.

Possible boats that I can think of:

Tige 20i
Tige Switch
Tige 20V
Tige Switch V
Calabria Cal-Air direct drive
Calabria ProV2(I dont' think you will find one for 25k though)
Mastercraft X5/195 open bow

polarbill 07-23-2013 7:14 PM

Another boat that might not be bad and will be far less than your budget is the Hydrodyne Grand Sport Elite. I am not sure of exact length but nada lists it as a 20' boat. I also believe the couple years cobalt made a direct drive they used that same hull.

jbach 07-23-2013 7:24 PM

Id go Mastercraft X-2. Nautique doesn't offer much in that department. Check the specs on a Nautique 2001, it's direct drive but it does put out a nice wake when weighted.

polarbill 07-23-2013 7:39 PM

The 205V X2 is over 20' and the picklefork is quite a bit more $$$$ than 25k.

Wakeboardingguy123 07-23-2013 8:17 PM

Do you guys have knowledge of the wakes behind say a 20v or 195? Any pictures or videos of the wakes behind these boats would be awesome!

polarbill 07-23-2013 8:28 PM

195 is the same hull as a 95-97 prostar 190 hull but in some years had an open bow and a taller deck. That era prostar 190 hull is basically a smaller 205 hull which is the same hull as the 205V. It should ski pretty good and wakeboard well with extra weight. Biggest downside will be next to zero storage.

I think the 20V hull is a good solid hull with will throw a good wakeboard wake, good surf wake(for the size) and will ride good in rough water. It will have way more storage than the 195. The switch V is basically a stripped down 20V.

Wakeboardingguy123 07-23-2013 8:31 PM

Also the tige 20i is very interesting...

polarbill 07-23-2013 8:37 PM

For the 20i stick with the 2002 or 2003 and newer one's that don't have the spray pockets.

Just looked up some history. You would want the 2003 20i or the 2003 and newer switch i.

Found this on Tige model history.

wakebordr11 07-23-2013 8:37 PM

Go test drive used boats and measure them. You said you wanted a vdrive... The 20i is an inboard.

polarbill 07-23-2013 8:41 PM


Originally Posted by wakebordr11 (Post 1835335)
Go test drive used boats and measure them. You said you wanted a vdrive... The 20i is an inboard.

The problem is there are only 2 possible options for 20' vdrives that are even close to his price.

wakebordr11 07-23-2013 9:04 PM

If you want the cheapest biggest wake possible, get an 80s Nautique 2001 and use the extra cash to buy a small party barge to keep people and the party on.

Is the malibu echelon 20'? That'd be a choice too

Wakeboardingguy123 07-23-2013 9:05 PM

Brett do you know what the wakes like behind the 20i's?

xstarrider 07-23-2013 9:09 PM

Is this not off that this thread mirrors the 10 others started and had the interest in the same exact boats. I mean seriously we just typed this out 5 threads below this.

Not to mention this op just joined today. Just sayin.

You are going to be hard pressed on a v drive w a 20.0 ft marker. Brett hit the ones that fit the bill. The Tige 20v And switch 20v are rock solid and close to tgat range. Of the d drives the mastercraft 195 really throws a good wake and has deep freeboard for d drive.

bstroop 07-23-2013 9:10 PM

I'd look at a Calabria cal-air direct drive, and a newer Tige 20i.

The Calabria is under 20ft and has 750lbs of sub floor ballast. The gas tank is mounted forward in the boat so your rear storage area is huge for a direct drive. Plus the 05 and newer ones have the stainless steel towers. I have a Pro-V team edition right now and the ballast system is sweet. Fills in under a minute and drains almost as fast without pumps.

I sold an 06 20i with 55 hours for 23k this spring and the only reason I did was to get a larger v drive so I can take more of my extended family out. I loved the Tige! 20 ft and has one of the deepest freeboards I've seen so you can weigh it down if you want. The 96 inch beam make it feel pretty large. I had several people comment that the boat felt as roomy as their bigger boats.

My Pro-V is my first v-drive and I love it, but if I was limited to 20 ft and under I wouldn't get a V-drive personally. Aside from the fact that it would have better storage everyone will be sitting knee to knee and cramped together. Both of my DD's (prostar 205 and the Tige) threw pretty good wakes with some people and weight. Pro sized....definitely not but I never had any complaints either.

I've seen other 06 and newer 20i's that had the 340hp FI engine and cruise go for around 25 recently. I've also seen a few cal-airs going for low 20's

Happy hunting

Wakeboardingguy123 07-23-2013 9:22 PM

Does anyone know how the wake is behind a x7?

polarbill 07-23-2013 9:30 PM

It is more of a hardcore slalom boat. I am not sure what the potential really is but it is a really low profile boat so you might not be able to get much weight in it. That said if you live on a small lake you might be safe doing it. I really like a lot about the X7/prostar 197. It is really roomy for the size. The rear seat lifts up to make a huge sundeck, it has a good sized rear locker, it has a full width observers seat and is a great looking boat.

xstarrider 07-23-2013 9:56 PM

The x7 is one sexy machine. It's lines are one of the best as a d drive ski boat. As mentioned really roomy inside. Drives like a Ferrari and actually cuts through chop ok for a priority ski machine.

It's biggest down fall tho is the low sleek profile. Not a ton of rear freeboard or bow for that matter as well. You start throwing weight in it and you really have to pay attention. It will get scary low especially with people on board . The wake is a bit more on the rampy side compared to the 195. The 195 has a much "deeper feel". It also has much more tradition squared off lines giving you quite a bit more freeboard both in bow and transom areas. Perfect for extra ballast.

Pure wakeboard wake to wakeboard wake the shape , kick and the potentional from the 195 edges out the 197 IMO. The 197 was built as a more ski oriented / ski focused larger boat. The badged it with x graphics and options so hardcore ski parents could satify their sons and daughters who were screaming for a wakeboat. The 197 still is a sexy eye catching ride to date. Especial with a mini tower.

wakebordr11 07-24-2013 7:22 AM

The X7 with 6-800 lbs in the back and 5-6 guys is a nice wake. A little wider and rampy but its clean for sure. I liked the one I rode behind.
For a ski boat its a great wake

CHern5972 07-24-2013 11:05 AM

MC Pro Star 205

Bu Sportser LX

Wakeboardingguy123 07-24-2013 11:34 AM

Isn't the Prostar 205 20 feet 6 inches? This was the first boat I looked at.

wakebordr11 07-24-2013 11:50 AM


Wakeboardingguy123 07-24-2013 12:18 PM

Damn I really do love that boat.

sppeders 07-24-2013 12:44 PM

how about this bad boy!!!


boardman74 07-24-2013 12:51 PM

Haven't seen one of those in years. Sold mine back in 2000, was the happiest day of my life!!! Thats the 2080, hence longer than 20 feet. 20 feet 8 inches. Plus if I recall correctly you have to add for the platform which is built in.

polarbill 07-24-2013 12:54 PM

not that it matters since that boat is longer than 20' either way but I would guess that boat includes the platform since it is a fully molded in one although I do remember them changing the rules on how to measure boats that have a platform built in like that.

Wakeboardingguy123 07-24-2013 1:00 PM

Does anyone know what the Maristar 200 Vrs wake is like?

xstarrider 07-24-2013 1:10 PM

The 200VRS is over 20.0 ft. Notated what year you choose

Def same poster. I am pretty sure we have been through every 20 ft and change v drive and 19ft d drives in all the threads combined.

boardman74 07-24-2013 1:25 PM

If you are stuck to 20 foot dead on the nuts and they are going to measure it, there is not alot of choices. Even most that are listed at 20 are 20' 6" or 20' 8". As with the 200 VRS. In that era we were not dealing with the size restricted private lakes as we are now. That is the reason that every major manufacturer is making a 20 foot V drive now, that is indeed 20 feet exactly. Now a 20 is indeed a 20. In the era you are looking at a 20 is probably a 21 if they measure it. If your HOA is measuring boats, you probably have bigger problems as I am sure they are out measuring lawns and weighing dogs too. Atleast here in MN boat title and registration list feet and inches.

You probably need to be either looking at a current model(say last 5 years) 20 footer or 19 footers if you go any older if you are going to have to pass a measurement.

07-24-2013 1:52 PM

I know this probably won't go over well, but I've seen it done and if I were in this predicament it would be my choice.

I'd buy a 205V/XStar/X2/X1 and chop 6 inches off the nose. Then have the fiberglass and gel professionally done to match. I'd rather have a quality wake boat with a square nose than a crappy wakeboat that is under 20 ft in length.

Wakeboardingguy123 07-24-2013 2:02 PM

Would a response make a good wake?

wakebordr11 07-24-2013 2:55 PM

Keep responding everyone, WOOO

Hey, bud. I hear a 16' glastron 90 horse outboard makes a good wake

xstarrider 07-24-2013 4:44 PM


Originally Posted by sperbet (Post 1835473)
I know this probably won't go over well, but I've seen it done and if I were in this predicament it would be my choice.

I'd buy a 205V/XStar/X2/X1 and chop 6 inches off the nose. Then have the fiberglass and gel professionally done to match. I'd rather have a quality wake boat with a square nose than a crappy wakeboat that is under 20 ft in length.

I actually know first hand 2 people that did just that. It turned out really reallly nice. But the just needed 20.5 or less .

In all seriousness bud. You came here looking for sound advice on your situation. Numerous people have given you solid info in all the threads you started with same exact question, now you have created a new ID still posting the same exact questions getting same exact answer. We have given you the info you need numerous times. Take it and find a boat. I am done responding to any of these pointless threads and I hope Dave clears the board

Davewfo 07-24-2013 5:17 PM

You could look at a Nautique 196. They are 19 feet 6 inches and a few fat sacs in there to make med sized wake.

07-24-2013 5:47 PM


Originally Posted by xstarrider (Post 1835499)
I actually know first hand 2 people that did just that. It turned out really reallly nice. But the just needed 20.5 or less .

Cool. Just curious what it looks like. I've only seen it once and it was years ago. You have any pics?

xstarrider 07-24-2013 10:47 PM

I will try and dig them up. Basically the cut the rub rail down and kept the flow going straight thru. Both were able to keep their trailers and all. One was a pickle x star. Other was 205v. The star had 21 ft restriction an the 205v had a 20.5 restriction.

craigtxmc 07-25-2013 1:19 PM

1 Attachment(s)
17,900 sir

craigtxmc 07-25-2013 1:20 PM

1 Attachment(s)
V Drive too! 1999 2100V

Wakeboardingguy123 07-25-2013 6:45 PM

Craig isn't that a 21 footer?

boardman74 07-25-2013 7:31 PM

They are about 21 -6" or 21-8". I don't think he saw your size restriction.

bstroop 07-25-2013 7:51 PM

Please stop responding to this thread........or any other regarding sub 20ft boats until this guy manages to find one and buy it.

Dmac420sj 07-25-2013 9:25 PM

You can buy a big ***** and ride that around on your lake!

Dmac420sj 07-25-2013 9:27 PM


craigtxmc 07-25-2013 9:34 PM

Sorry guys. Shoulda read more

Wakeboardingguy123 07-26-2013 9:35 AM

Hey guys just thought I should let you know I think I'm getting a Nautique Excel, but if any of you have pics of the wake weighted that'd be wonderful! I'm sorry that I've been annoying you.

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