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zap 07-23-2013 1:48 PM

Shout outs to Wetsounds, Perfect pass and others
So lately I have been a bit jaded and negative due to a very taxing boat purchase I recently made, as this works itself towards resolution I am reminded of all the great experiences I have had with dealers and accessory providers and I we all are fast to share our negative experiences and its time to talk about the great ones… feel free to add to the list:

Wetsounds – Tim White is the president and has a business to run, yet he always has time to deal with a customer and help them out. Thanks for your advise today Tim.

Perfect Pass – A few summers ago my servo went while we were on holidays. PP diagnosed the problem for me over the phone while I was on the water. They then overnighted a new servo to me and even though I was off the beaten path I was up and running the next day. I lost maybe 6 hours of boating over this.

Atlantis Marine – I had my electrical system quit on my boat, now power to any accessories (and ballast system) I called them from the water, 15 minutes before closing on the Friday of a long weekend and they had the mechanic wait for me and fixed the problem so my long weekend would not be impacted. He was there until 8:00pm… I bought him beer
Inland Surfer – Jeff Page et. Al. always seem to have time to answer questions and give advise, even though they know I am a long way from them and odds are I will never buy a boat from them.

I am sure everyone has great stories… share them and spread good Karma

kskonn 07-26-2013 7:30 AM

I have been very lucky, very few if any bad experiences. Texas Ski Ranch has gone above and beyond many times. A few I can remember would be throwing a bearing at a boat ramp on my trailer, they came out and had it fixed before I was done wakeboarding. another time I hit a submerged log, destroyed drive shaft, rudder and prop. this happened Saturday at 10 am and I was back on the water at 3:30 that day.

Wetsounds has always been great, Zero off was awesome. the list goes on.

machloosy 07-26-2013 8:53 AM

Bought my first DD in May this year after looking at junk for 6mons. People wanted 5K for rotten supra's with not interior. 7hrs from me, a guy with a late 80's supreme made the deal incredibly easy. When I showed up after a week of phone calls and texts, the boat was better than described, ready to go with a full tank of premium. Despite some 40mph+ wind, the PO insisted I take the test drive and proved what the boat was capable of. Couldn't have asked for a better transaction. Who gives you 40gal of premium for free??? Thanks Harold!

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