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07-22-2013 12:29 PM

Supra Sunsport for Wakeboarding
Okay so I really like Supra sunsports but how does the wakeboarding wake clean up? anyone have any pictures or videos? Also what years would throw the biggest wake? Looking for any help. Also a sunsport is 20 feet right?

ajf4242 07-22-2013 12:43 PM

I don't know about the biggest wake, but I had a 22 sunsport. I had it for 4 years before I bought my Axis. I liked the wake a lot. The only issue I had with mine is the side to side weight. I would bring 8+ people with me boarding and just telling them to sit in certain spots got to be old and quick. When the boat was leveled though, the wake was sweet. I know they had a 20,22 and 24 sunsport models. The only difference from the sunsport models and the launch is the sunsport is a walkthrough and didn't have as much ballast capacity because of the walkthrough bow. Everything else should be the same. I loved having the steps in my boat, could fit a lot of pops/beers/water in the cooler under one of the steps. Surf wake was pretty sweet on it too. The picture in my profile was my Supra's wake.

boardman74 07-22-2013 12:51 PM

Sunsport was the sister line to the launch series. Usually same hull with a traditional bow, vs the playpen style. They come is all different lengths. I think only newer ones will be 20 or under. Supra came out with the 20V in the early 2000's I think. That is the only hull that is 20 or under. Most sunsports you see are going to be 21+.

scotthons 07-22-2013 1:34 PM

My uncle has a 1999 Sunsport which throws a damn nice wake for a DD. The hull seems very similar to my 21v. I was always impressed with his boat which is what got me looking into used Supras a few years ago.

07-22-2013 2:03 PM

Also does anyone know like a secret website to find boats I find **** I looked for like 3 hours for a 20v and didn't find anything.

wakebordr11 07-22-2013 2:05 PM


Originally Posted by andrewsarafa (Post 1835033)
Also does anyone know like a secret website to find boats I find **** I looked for like 3 hours for a 20v and didn't find anything.

boat trader
Supra forums
I believe there are some 20 ft sunsports, not all of them are though... Do your research:cool:

tyler97217 07-22-2013 2:18 PM

What years you talking about... There are old Sunsport models and new ones... totally different...

Austinb23 07-23-2013 9:11 AM

well i had a 1989 sunsport that it was just an great boat and now i have a 2013 sunsport 21 so i have just a 23 or 24 year newer verosn of it and i love both of them

trayson 07-23-2013 11:46 AM

1992 Sunsport. A couple of wake pics. (ignore the weak jumps in the pics...)



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