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priszkid 07-21-2013 11:16 AM

Fractured Ankle- down time training???
So I fractured my ankle in 2 places over the Fourth of July on a freak of a wrong landing while wakeboarding. Needless to say, I'm all casted up and I see my summer riding going away quickly. The doc says I'll be in my cast 6-8 weeks. Do you guys have any suggestions for training I could be doing since I can't put any weight on it whatsoever? Thanks in advance.

kitewake 07-26-2013 6:16 PM

Training for what? To stay in shape? Can think of much you can really do. As for improving your recovery..there are so many variables. It is not just the bone healing...it is the soft tissue damage. If you broke you ankle...that means the end of your tib or fib...right? Which means soft tissue damage. You will find that takes longer than the bone.

Last year...I broke my scaphoid riding MX. Bone healed very rapidly...about 7 weeks..which is fast for a scaphoid. Took another 2 months to get back to 90% due to the wrist sprain factor. 7 weeks ago...I had a comminuted intraarticular distal radius fracture. I was in a splint for 1 week...and a cast for 3...before they told me I did not need a cast any more. My bones heal fast...but my wrist is still junk....basically...I have a really bad sprain that will take time to heal.

You all think wakeboarding is risky...take up MX if you want to rack some real medical bills....

It sounds like you did not have surgery..so that mean it was a pretty simple and stable break...which is good.... Just follow your docs orders...

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