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alex_dvs 07-19-2013 9:42 AM

Rope for beginner. Poly E?
Hey quick question. Just starting out, and I have ridden before. Can do basic jumps.

Should I get a Poly E rope or go for no stretch?

Will it matter at my level?

migs 07-19-2013 9:51 AM

if you are wakeboarding - then you should be using a non-stretch rope.

alex_dvs 07-19-2013 9:56 AM

cool thanks.

wakebordr11 07-19-2013 11:00 AM

Non stretch vs. poly E is a huge difference. I think a non stretch rope runs parallel with having a tower or high pole on a boat as being that important...

alex_dvs 07-19-2013 12:16 PM

Awesome. I picked up a Proline LTD LG on clearance at EVO. Ordered it with Ronix Vault.

Now I just need a vest and I'm ready to go.

mark197 07-19-2013 1:12 PM

If you have ever seen a handle fly past the driver at mach 10 because the rider didn't let go you will understand one of the reasons to stay away from poly.

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