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tristan 07-19-2013 2:44 AM

Backyard Cable Owners

Anyone out there got any private cable setups? I've been looking around but haven't found any. Considering the price of the system 2.0s versus buying a boat and the lower maintenance and running costs it's starting to look like a good option if I can find the right piece of land to put it on.

Would love to hear some current owners experience with planning, maintenance, enjoyment etc.

behindtheboat 07-19-2013 6:44 AM

There's a lot more people that do this than we realize, yes it's worth it, it's easy and convenient, you still have to have another person and can't do it by yourself, and you'll need to be into building rails and hits, or rich enough to buy them often enough to freshen it up

petew 07-19-2013 7:24 AM

I know UK wakeskater Ollie Moore has. Also isn't that how those breddas brothers got so good while staying pretty unknown?

petew 07-19-2013 7:27 AM

Buying obstacles is ridiculous. Costs of plastic and metals are sky high hence the costs of the obstacles. A bigger funbox will cost more than the cable(straight line system) itself.

I would defiantly opt down the DIY wood builds and keep them fresh every year or two. If you aimed to keep all the rails a standard width you would have no problems recycling the plastic.

texfrost 07-20-2013 1:58 AM

If you're good at building then it won't be too bad on obstacles. Especially if you know how and have access to a welder. You will wamt some basis boxes though. UHMVW can be had on the cheap via puckboard from ice rinks if you want to go that route. Won't slide quite as fast but will save some cheddar. I will expound a little more on this later when I have more time.

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