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CTXxRoss 07-18-2013 4:21 PM

More weight (ballast)=more speed??
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So we started playing around with the ballast we have for the boat for the first time the other day.. I recently bought 2 550lb sacs and added that to the 2 750+ sacs I had (I'm guessing on the size of those bc I really have no idea how much they hold).. If you fully fill them one will easily fill the walk way between the window width wise and run pretty much to the mid section of the bow cushions from where the walk thru cushion starts.. Any ways
. We put the two 550# sacs in the back, one on each side of the motor. Then filled up one of the 750? sacs and laid it on the walk thru seat, then partially filled up the other 750 and laid it across the very front of the bow area. The wake was good and clean for the most part but we really had to increase our speed from where we have been riding to get the boat to stay on plane while we rode.. Is this something that is just normal for weighting a boat or do I have to much in the rear/not enough in the front??
The Pic is one of the sac's I'm calling a 750 that we filled up another day.. Maybe someone can tell me what size it is by seeing it..
Thanks for any help or input yall!!!

stang_killa_ss 07-18-2013 4:35 PM

sounds like your too rear heavy

CTXxRoss 07-18-2013 4:41 PM

Does the bow of the boat being deeper set in the water have any affect on the width of the wake at set distances or just height?

wakebordr11 07-18-2013 5:27 PM

How fast were you goijng before vs now?

xstarrider 07-18-2013 5:28 PM

Whenever you add that much extra weight you will def need to speed up. Those def look like 600plus sacs possibly even 800. You will want a 60/40 weight ratio rear/front. What speed were you originally riding? What rope length were you riding at?

When you speed up the wake narrows thus allowing you to ride a longer rope. A pretty common them among wakeboats is the more weight you add to the bow the rampier the wake will be. If you want to run a bit steeper wake you want bit more weight in the rear. The problem with running a more rear heavy boat is that the wake really turns into a speed sensitive issue with the wash n curl You have to be precise. If you run a bit more bow weight it gives you a bit more of a rampier wake that isn't so speed sensitive.

Does your Moomba have the automatic wake plate(adjustment on the steering wheel) or is it fixed/manual where you have to adjust it by hand?

I woud try this with that Moomba Put the 750's in the rear engine compartments. Then put both 500's in the bow. Don't fill the 750's all the way maybe about 3/4 and see how the wake is. My guess is it would be great starting point. add a little more each set to each 750 and see what it does.

I can't recall does that model have a huge locker under the bow seating? if so I would maybe try dumping that 750 in there, keeping the 500 on each side engine and putting the second 750 right above that one in the walkway.

Also if you measure the sac length and diameter we can tell you the exact size

dezul 07-18-2013 5:30 PM

How fast were you pulling?

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breakz77 07-18-2013 5:31 PM

Depending on the boat.. but usually you will need to increase the speed to clean the wake up when adding a lot of weight.

If the wake seems to steep for you add more weight to the front to mellow it out a little

CTXxRoss 07-19-2013 12:52 PM

We've been riding about 23 mph+/-
I do have the deep bow locker and I don't have enough room to fit those big sacs in the motor lockers. I will try more weight in the bow next time. I do have the trim tab on the boat but it needs to be worked on. One of the valves is not opening up and it's stuck where it is. It's pretty well level with the bottom of the boat.

dvsone79 07-19-2013 1:23 PM

What swatguy said. Don't neglect that bow weight. 23-24mph is pretty standard for a sac'd out boat. Keeps it clean, and firms up the wake a little for that extra push on those wake jumps.

xstarrider 07-19-2013 4:25 PM

That plate stuck in the down position like that is actually more of the culprit as well. It should be all the way up to a 1/4 down for the best wakeboarding wake.

It's doing two things. It's not allowing the rear end to sink properly and it is pishing the nose down. You really need that thing all the way up to get the optimal wake

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