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RanchDweller 07-18-2013 7:47 AM

Notice your oil pressure
What does your oil pressure read while you are underway? I have a 2007 Black Scorpion and noticed that 70 - 75 psi while driving. 40 psi while idle. Does that sound high? Checked oil level and everything is good. I just don't remember what it was reading the past few years.

cadunkle 07-19-2013 5:30 AM

That is fine. Good rule of thumb is at least 10 psi for every 1000 RPM. So at idle you should have at least 10 psi, though I'm more comfortable with 20+ at idle, and 30 psi at 3000, 40 at 4000, etc... 75 psi is typical relief valve pressure on the pump so when you're at 70-75 your pump is likely bypassing to bleed off the extre pressure. Sounds like you have a healthy and tight engine, no worries.

Pad1Tai 07-19-2013 7:18 AM

The manual says 30-70 psi @ 2000 rpm.. Yours is a little high but it's ok.. My MCX runs 30 @ idle and 60 @ 3500 rpm.. What oil and weight are you using... The weight makes a big difference in oil pressure..

NotSure123 07-22-2013 2:39 AM

I scoped mine out this weekend...6.2 Merc...18psi at idle and 45psi at pretty much any speed...

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