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phillywakeboarder 07-18-2013 5:54 AM

Help with wrapped heelside back 3
I've got a question for all you wrappers out there - do you flatten the board off a little at the wake when doing a heelside back 3, or do you hold the edge all the way through the wake? When I do my wrapped toeside back 3 I hold the edge all the way through, and have never had any problems. But, when I do the same thing on a wrapped heelside back 3, I seem to lean too far back and get pulled way off axis. I'm really hoping to stick this sucker this year. Any tips on the setup for this trick would be much appreciated.

VinnyA 07-18-2013 5:58 AM

When I do it I hold my edge all the way through the wake, make sure you have line tension going to both handles as that little delay when line tension picks up in the back one could be what's pulling you off axis.

phillywakeboarder 07-18-2013 12:03 PM

Thanks for the response. After takeoff, do you do a shifty-type move prior to letting go of the small handle, or just takeoff, stay straight, let go of small handle, spin, and land? I see some guys doing a shifty prior to a handle pass back 3, and am wondering if a little shifty-type move would help me set/stay on the proper axis for the wrapped version.

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