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AwaKening 07-17-2013 4:44 PM

Engine flush question
Just bought a boat with a new Black Scorpion 6.2 Liter motor. There is a hose at the front of the motor with a blue cap just dangling there. It looks like a quick connect for a hose that is to flush out the motor (not running I heard). Do I need to worry about it sucking air with no cap on there? The blue dangly thing won't attach to it, not sure what it's for. I had a volvo penta before and read in the manual that it could suck air and burn up the motor if the cap wasn't on tight.

I'll attach pics when I get home.

baitkiller 07-17-2013 6:10 PM

No its a loaded ball fitting, it wont suck air and fry your impeller. Its for flushing after sea water use. Its a quick disconnect fitting.

Dont worry about it.

07-18-2013 4:13 AM

It is a Mercruiser part. The blue cap is intended to be pushed into the female fitting to catch foreign debris before it gets in the system. You can order the garden hose male end from a dealer. Part #22-857175. Baitkiller was the one who after weeks of my searching helped me identify that it was made my Mercruiser but was installed on my PCM. You can also use this flush in place of a Fake-a-Lake for warming up your engine prior to changing oil etc.

AwaKening 07-18-2013 11:40 AM

I was under the impression you couldn't run your engine using that hose because it would burn up your impeller.. I just bought a fake-a-lake to attach underneath. Did I just waste my money?

07-19-2013 4:29 AM

As long as you can verify that you have water through the separator/ filter then you can run the engine with the flush attached. My flush kit is installed right after the pick up and is T into the line going to the separator.

07-19-2013 5:04 AM

Correction.... My T fitting is after the separator/ filter on the main hose from the pick up on the bottom of the boat.

I would not say that you wasted your money on the Fake-A-Lake as I paid $50 for the garden hose fitting that is used to connect to the flush connection on the boat.

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