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ATCR1 07-17-2013 3:48 PM

Red Skurfer Launch questions.
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Had this board for a couple years now not sure what to do with it, sell or keep. Cant find much on these boards selling wise and have only came across one other picture of this exact board on the net. Anyone give me some details on it? Thanks in advance.

Chaos 07-17-2013 7:03 PM

They are not uncommon. People have them sitting on their docks and in their storage areas. Pink and yellow. Some have the hydrofoil fin. They came about in the mid 80's, filling the need for a production version of a towable surfboard like craft. Prior to Tony Finn's (LF-now) Skurfer and Remond's ski board, surfboard shapers would just make heavily glassed narrow surfboard-like tow boards. People hang them up or turn them into benches, they are not really worth anything, but they are nostalgic for some, and one part of the birth of liquid force and modern wakeboarding.

ATCR1 07-17-2013 8:19 PM

Yeah I knew the history on them, just was wondering if they were of any value specifally since ive only seen one other picture of this exact board design most of the launches I see are pink and yellow and just have skurfer on them or skurfer launch. Appreciate the info tho, I think ill just hold onto it in that case unless any one wants to make an offer for it..

biggator 07-18-2013 8:48 AM

Ride it! Go old school.

skiboarder 07-18-2013 9:24 AM

That is a late models one that is from the mid 90s and doesn't have much value. I would buy one of the 80s models if given the chance.

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