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texfrost 07-17-2013 11:11 AM

Buying Boards
I see a lot of threads on here about asking what boards to buy. One or two new threads on the subject per week it seems. While it is great to seek advice on what category of boards you should get, I recommend doing this at a pro shop. Why? You can talk to the shop in person and they can ask you the right questions about your riding ability and goals to set you up properly. I would merely use the forum setting to help narrow down your search.

Before you buy any board for yourself, DEMO DEMO DEMO. I have left shops before that do not let me demo a wakeboard. I want to know it will work for me. I don't care if it is your favorite board, that doesn't mean it will work for someone else. You could absolutely hate it. I DO NOT like the Pheonix Project. At all. I love my Oracle. All for very specific reasons. I'm looking forward to getting onto a VonVido and seeing how it rides because it seems to be loose and playful as all hell. I won't buy it on that alone.

Ask questions, study boards and Demo Demo Demo. I can't say it enough. You don't want to buy a $400 deck that you absolutely hate because it was recommended to you.

Most shops will charge you $50 to demo a deck and boots, and that cost will go to the purchase price of the board as well. Personally, I would rather pay the extra cost to support a local business and know damn well that I love the deck I am buying. Not to mention, most shops will cut you a good deal on last year's gear.

MICAH_HARPER 07-17-2013 11:50 AM

Just FYI for your little rant......not every one has a LOCAL BOARD SHOP....maybe thats why they ask

JayManAR 07-17-2013 12:45 PM

^Or actually puts trust in their local shop... It's all about the knowledge and service behind the desk. Does the rep actually have a passion for wakeboarding or just there for a paycheck? There's a lot of expertise floating around this forum, why not use it to your advantage? I agree that doing a demo is key, but ill research all I can before stepping foot in a local shop.

texfrost 07-17-2013 4:06 PM

Micah, no need to respond all douche like. Aren't most boat dealers also purveyors of wakeboards? I work with three marinas. One of which is 2 hours away. All depends on what I am after.

99Bison 07-17-2013 6:51 PM

For example, I have yet to meet a marina or any place that sells wakeboards within 2 hours of me that I would actually get a decent opinion from... And there's several of the above. Also haven't found one that demo's at all anymore.

That being said, would love to demo, demo, demo...

bmock50 07-23-2013 6:02 PM


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