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TT 07-17-2013 11:10 AM

New rider looking for suggestion on equipment
What's up all, long time lurker, finally signed up and looking for some advice. I've ridden ~25 times or so in my life, all behind boat, and at best have cleared a wake and landed a one-wake 180 for skill level...

So the other weekend I got a chance to ride a CWB package (Triax 141 w/ Seven boot) and loved it, I've never ridden as good as I did on that combo, so I'm in the market for a similar setup. This season I picked up my first setup, a ~10 year old Liquid Force Search 143, and can't ride it worth a crap. Right now Evo has a 2011 blem Triax for a great price, and I'm looking for bindings to suit. I can't find Large CWB Seven boots anywhere on the internet... How do the Ronix Divide compare to the CWB's for ease of putting on, flex, etc? Does anyone have any other suggestions for reasonably priced, open-toed, quick-lacing bindings for a newb?

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