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daniel210 07-16-2013 6:06 PM

fuel control cell issue - super air 2003
hey folks,

im getting my boat ready for summer season and now, after replacing impeller and oil filter i have an issue with the replacement of the fuel filter.

the manual says:

Filter Element Replacement, ENGINE OFF

1. Disconnect the two-wire electrical connector.

2. Hold the 3/4 jam nut, located at the bottom of the FCC bowl, with a wrench. Remove the 7/16 plug, and drain the bowl contents into an approved container. CAUTION: Both fuel and water will drain from the FCC bowl.

So i removed the small nut underneath the FCC bowl - the gas drained completely .. no problem so far.
Problem is that the bigger nut (jam nut) came loose to!!

i had no wrench today, so i tightened the small nut back to the fcc bowl ... .. trying it tomorrow again after getting a wrench!
unlucky me i failed to tighten the big nut (jam nut) to the bowl.. so do i have a problem now or can i fix this after disassembling the fcc for fuel filter replacement.

appreciate your help

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