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Sp8race1010 07-16-2013 2:56 PM

2002 Supra 22 SSV ballast setup
Ok guys so here it is from the past weekend. Its an 02 SSV I have a few pics of it all sacked out.
Only problem I found was that the sweet spot in the wake was 1-3 feet behind swim platform. Is this normal or do I need to add nose weight to get the tube longer?
I had 600 center locker fly high sac
350 or 375 in rear lockers(not sure weight of sacs) they measure 15x15x30 at the seems, that's not counting the bulge. These are also fly high sacs
And then sat a 900 lb sumo sac on the seats next driver seat.
We played with wake plate but found that all the way up made very rampy wake but not long.

jronix 07-16-2013 4:28 PM

I have an 03' ssv and my surf setup is as follows, 450 rear sac, 750 on rear seat, 650 in center locker, and a 250 sac in bow. U will get a much longer wave with some bow weight. I usually try to sit someone in the bow as well. I ride at about 10.8 and have a pretty decent wave and I'm surfing about 6-8 feet behind platform.

Sp8race1010 07-16-2013 5:48 PM

Does your wake plate go to 100%? Mine only goes to 45 or so.

When you surf what do you ride the plate at?

Sp8race1010 07-16-2013 5:52 PM


jronix 07-16-2013 6:05 PM

Yes, wake plate all the way up or it gets washy after 4ft or so.

Sp8race1010 07-16-2013 6:12 PM

Ok thanks man.

Sp8race1010 07-16-2013 6:17 PM

Also looking for multiple ballast setups for wake boarding.

dreamer 07-16-2013 11:22 PM

We had the surf side locker full, an 1100 in the centre locker full plus another 250 pound sac on top of that locker seat and a 750 pound sac on the surf side sitting on the rear seat angled up half on top of the sun deck at the back. 11 mph and wake plate all the way up.

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