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JArthurSquid 07-16-2013 10:30 AM

My 2004 Centurion Eclipse Wakesurf sac diagram
After much trial and error, this is the configuration that seemed to produce the best surf wake with my 2004 Centurion Eclipse v-drive. When I put weight up in the bow, it seemed to shorten the height of the wake too much. Instead, putting the 600 lbs under the passenger dash (doghouse compartment) accomplished many things: It gave the boat a lot of extra tilt, it pushed the biggest part of the hull deeper into the water (dashboard area), and added length to the wake without sacrificing it too much height.

My rear corner rub rail is about an inch out of the water at rest. With 2050 lbs of weight, I get nervous about swamping, so I try to stay closer to shore, but I'm sure that will come with experience.


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