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Camsquared211 07-16-2013 10:33 AM

boat speakers
I think I am going to go with 6 Wetsounds xs 650, 6.5 inch speakers powered by a ht6 wetsounds amp. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for different set ups. Maybe something that sounds the same but is less expensive or something that sounds better for the same price.

DQ 07-16-2013 12:22 PM

In my opinion, nothing would sound better than that set up for your interior speakers.

Sp8race1010 07-16-2013 2:33 PM

Cameron I want to go with a similar setup (xs650, with an SD6 amp driving all three pair). Are you gonna go with the ws-420 also? I plan to run that with a REV-3some on top the tower but not real sure how I wanna power those tower speakers.
not trying to steal your thread tho bro!
I'm kinda nervous about getting these for the inside cause I've never heard the wetsounds. I had Rockford Fosgate in my last boat, and it rocked but tower wouldn't broadcast like I had hoped.

chpthril 07-16-2013 6:37 PM


every speaker builder has their own signature sound, so the odds are slim that you will fund a similar sounding speaker to the XS-650. Since they all sound different, its up to you as the consumer to decide which speaker actually sounds best to your ears. The XS-650 is an awesome speaker, and the HT-6 is a perfect amp to drive them. If you are able to demo the XS-650, Im sure you will be impressed with it. If budget is a concern, then I suggest the XS-65i and the HT-6 amp. The new 65i is a huge improvement over the original xs-65. I have had a chance to demo them side by side recently, on a couple of different amps.


The SD-6 is a ton of power for the XS-650. We did 3 pair of XS-650 on an SD-4 and was blown away with the output. The R/F M626 is a good speaker, but the mid-bass from the XS-650 is outstanding, and the overall depth and clarity is phenomenal. At the end of the day, getting a demo is important, if possible.

For a Rev 3-Some, go with the an SD-6

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