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tprkolbas 07-14-2013 3:16 PM

Pontiac Lake, MI
looking for a 3rd for wakeboarding / surfing / hydro-foiling in the mornings between 8a and 12p. would like to establish a "regular" rather than someone just looking for a random free pull. i have a moomba lsv that throws a pretty steep wake. experienced boat drivers preferred and gas money appreciated. the few people we have in the mix now are adults 29-40 years old. send me a message if interested.

ian_ashton 07-14-2013 6:12 PM

Fun lake!

I'm thinking about heading down with my OBV for Quake on the Lake - we had a blast tied up there last year.

awolfinwater 07-20-2013 11:35 AM

I'll send a PM. I'm on sylvan/otter and been having trouble finding other riders.

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