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sdkid21 07-14-2013 9:11 AM

2008 Epic 23V Smart Tow GPS Speedo Problem

Looking for some help trying to troubleshoot a problem with my Smart Tow Smartcraft system.

I bought the boat about a year and a half ago and has had a issue with the speedometer needle not registering, however the smarttow system would track MPH just fine and worked great for my cruise control system so i didn't really bother with it.

Recently I have been trying to fix the speedo, so I did a full master reset on the system. I followed all the calibration guidelines afterward making sure pitot and paddle wheel are turned off (since the boat doesnt have these), and turning on the gps and setting speed to gps on the gauge.

Now I get no speedometer reading either on the screen or the gauge, and when I attempt to engage smarttow for cruise control the boat just revs up slightly then back down and repeats.

I know all the calibration settings are correct, so I think it may be a GPS puck issue. I believe I have the Maretron GPS100 NMEA 2000 GPS puck, but it says Mercury GPS100 on the back. Either way I have checked the wiring diagram against what my boat has and it all looks correct.

Since I don't have a physical GPS screen anywhere, is there any other way to varify if the GPS is actually getting readings? I have left the boat on for a long time to make sure it has time to acquire and still nothing.

I think instead of doing a master reset I should have just unplugged and plugging back in the speedo gauge as I guess that typically fixes problems with the speedo needle.

Any thoughts before I head off to a mercruiser tech?


sdkid21 07-14-2013 9:14 AM

RPM mode still works perfectly, but I would really rather have Speed Mode as I like to ride at a certain speed.

Does anyone know if these types of GPS pucks have to re-programmed or reset after a master reset like this?

SOG, COG, and MPH do not register on the speedo gauge screen at this point.


Apexer 06-28-2014 8:55 PM

Wondering if you figured out your problem. mine is doing the same. it hunts all over the place.

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