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R6joe 07-13-2013 12:10 AM

2011 Byerly Monarch??
hey guys im new to wake world, but im about to buy my first good board an wanted to know what everyone thinks of the 2011 Byerly monarch? im looking for something to give me good pop without spending $800 on a board. any thoughts or suggestions would be great. also the board doesnt come with a center fin does that make a big differance if so what kind/size fin should i get for it?

stephan 07-13-2013 8:28 AM

The Monarch is a pretty good shape. Its very poppy and feels good on the water. IMO it lands a little hard but not terrible. It has pretty deep molded fins and unless you have issues controlling your edges, a center fin will not be needed.

There are dozens of shapes that would work and until you ride a ton a figure out what you like, the Monarch will be a good start. It was a board ahead of its time when it was first released.

goride 07-15-2013 9:00 AM

When the monarch first came out most of the hyperlite team from my understanding switched to that board. I still ride the monarch with the nova core and it's hands down my favorite board to date and i've ridden/demo'd a lot of boards. I also think it's one of the softest landing boards I've ever been on and is extremely forgiving on landings.

check out http://www.evo.com/outlet/wakeboards..._132_Image.jpg for a byerly for $100

R6joe 07-16-2013 8:44 PM

Awesome thanks guys! Really helped me out. That's where I found the board was on Eco for an awesome price! Thanks again.

countryguy1717 07-20-2013 7:44 PM

It's evo Joe not eco. Go with the byerly like mine :D

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