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hehateme 07-12-2013 2:45 PM

2013 SANTE or 2013 X-35
Been out of the game for a while, now my wife and I want another boat. We are novice at best, but we loved our Malibu LSV 23.

This time around I want a Mastercraft or Nautique. I have 4 kids. I guess the biggest thing for me is rough water ride, and how well it handles. I really thought my BU didnt handle very well. Which one would you get?

wakebordr11 07-12-2013 8:24 PM

Which superair?

There was just a thread like this.
Here: http://www.wakeworld.com/forum/showthread.php?t=798987

hehateme 07-12-2013 8:42 PM

230, sorry

JetRanger 07-12-2013 9:25 PM

The 230 definitely is not gonna be much better in rough water than your LSV (I have extensive experience in both boats). If you are looking CC and rough water look at G23, then, refer to the G23 v. X35 thread.

Game, set, match. Plus, they are redesigning the 230 for 2014.

hehateme 07-13-2013 4:35 AM

I can't afford the G23. So it's not an option.

JetRanger 07-13-2013 7:07 AM

You buying new?

hehateme 07-13-2013 7:26 AM

I will be buying new.

Kingsriver 07-13-2013 8:02 AM

Not sure you have a dealer but I would look at the Sanger 237. Great boat for your size Family atna decent cost.

hehateme 07-13-2013 8:04 AM

Thanks, but it has to be MC or Cc.

wakebordr11 07-13-2013 9:14 AM

Okay well buy X35 then. Jet said it will be better rough water.

JetRanger 07-13-2013 10:51 AM

If buying new I don't think the G is much more expensive if at all over the X35.

But if you are set in SAN 230 vs. X35, then the MC will have a MUCH better deep water ride...

Again, new 230 coming out soon, maybe a good idea to wait and see the hull specs, cause you buy a current gen 230 now new....the value will TANK.

Fo' shizzle!

simplej 07-13-2013 10:55 AM

Wait until 14...

hehateme 07-13-2013 10:51 PM

Thanks for the info. For the price I am getting the G is quite a bit higher then the x35. I think I will wait for the 2014 sante before I make a decision.

JetRanger 07-13-2013 11:37 PM

I can't see the 2014 230 having a deep vee. Loaded G's are only 120K. A loaded 35 with the 7.4 will easily be that.

hehateme 07-14-2013 5:59 AM

I guess I am getting a great price on the 35 then. Thanks for the input and I will definately wait to see what the 2014 sante brings to the table.

wakedaveup 07-15-2013 5:41 AM

Martin, what are do you live in? Send me a PM and would love to help with info on anything CC that you may be interested in. I encourage you to look at both boats and give them both a chance. Make your decision on what suits you best.

williamburell 07-15-2013 5:53 AM


Loaded G's are only 120K.
lol only 120k...........said no sane person............ever

RideGull 07-15-2013 12:15 PM

2014 230 is getting a new deck, not a new hull

jarrod 07-15-2013 1:05 PM

If handling and rough water ride are your priorities, then why spend 100K on a wakeboard specific boat?

Also, I've owned a 5 X Stars and 4 Malibu Wakesetters. The Mastercraft is not a better drive. In my opinion, the Malibu has a quieter, and more luxurious feel to it. It also doesn't have the crazy Mastercraft price tag. There's a reason why they are the best selling wake boat.

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