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timmyb 07-12-2013 1:33 PM

Upgraded my stereo for this season
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Long story short, I won a grand prize giveaway at the annual WWS Tige Owners Reunion last July and it was $2,500 to "Pimp Your Tige" or $4,000 off of a new boat. I thought I was going to be able to swing a new boat this year so I held off and held off and then realized I couldn't do it this year so I needed to spend the money on my old boat. I've always wanted a little more sound, the Kicker ZX700.5 and 10" CVR sounded ok but I wanted a little more.
Thanks to Tige and Wakeboard and Waterski Specialty in Denver, I was able to upgrade the stereo in my 2007 Tige RZ2 a little bit and got some other non-stereo equipment as well.
Here's what I picked up for new equipment:
  • 12" Kicker L7
  • Kicker KX1200.1 (1,200 Watts RMS)
  • Wetsounds Syn 4 for the cabin

timmyb 07-12-2013 1:35 PM

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I built a new sub box (2.6 cu ft ported) and coated it before using truck bed liner on the whole thing:

timmyb 07-12-2013 1:36 PM

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New Amp Panel

timmyb 07-12-2013 1:37 PM

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I had to cut the helm wall out and secured the box to it and then recarpeted it (I am not very good at cutting the carpet).

As you can see, I still have some room for the heater and a couple of fenders...barely! :D

timmyb 07-12-2013 1:40 PM

Overall, the upgrades exceeded my expectations! I can't believe how hard this L7 hits with the KX1200.1, way more than I was expecting. Special thanks to Phil White for guiding me in the sub and amp upgrade, I would have gone a different way than may not have met my expectations if it weren't for him.

bruizza 07-12-2013 1:45 PM

Looking good Tim!

timmyb 07-12-2013 1:49 PM


Originally Posted by bruizza (Post 1833310)
Looking good Tim!

Thanks! Hopefully you can check it out at the WWS reunion in 2 weeks?

bruizza 07-12-2013 1:49 PM

Yep I will be there and I can't wait to hear it!

Camsquared211 07-13-2013 11:21 AM

Where did you place your battery?

timmyb 07-13-2013 11:30 AM

My batteries are at the transom. I will need to add a 2nd stereo battery at some point. Right now I am running a single VMAX CT-2000 battery for the stereo that is charged by the alternator when the engine is running and then I charge it when I come home from the lake.

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