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quackerstacker 07-12-2013 12:36 PM

Which boat for surfing?
I know the title may start the great debate and I know it really boils down to personal preference. I've been doing a lot of research lately because my gf and I are in the mood for a new boat (my jet boat isn't family friendly enough). I am wanting a 22 ft+ surf boat, she doesn't care what it is as long as it's family friendly because she has 2 small children. I'm from middle Tennessee and around my area its all about MC and Malibu. I've narrowed it down to getting either Centurion, Tige, Axis. I've surfed behind an X45 and Malibu V-Ride both with stock ballest and and neither were impressive as you can imagine. I have found several boats of interest to me. I have found a 2005 tige 22v worth the money with low ours for under $30,000 as well as a few 2006 tige 22v's from $33 - 39,000 I have also found a 2010, 2011,Axis A22's in the $40,000 range and I'm going to a dealer tomorrow to look at a 2012 Centurion elite c4 with 0 hrs for $49,900. We are trying to stay in the $50,000 or less range (the reason a Malibu with surfgate didn't make the cut) because this will be our first wake boat. I'm just curious as to what more experienced surf enthusiast think is the best route to go? Thanks for any input!

DuckHuntin1 07-12-2013 12:50 PM

I'm very happy with my Centurion Avy. It's a 22' boat and fits my family of 5 just fine. When we weight it down (2500lbs) port side the wife gets uncomfortable with the lean. The wave wave is good and when she rides she's happy. The kids don't care about how the boat leans they are all over the place having fun.

quackerstacker 07-12-2013 1:01 PM

I might add that I do surf on the goofy side. The reason I have narrowed it down to the tige, centurion, and I would say a supreme but they are slim pickings around this area, is due to my research I have found that a lot of people have said that both waves are nearly equal.

quackerstacker 07-12-2013 1:06 PM

@DuckHuntin1 isn't the avg a step up from an elite c4. I'm no centurion guru, but isn't the elite the "intro" wakeboarding boat in the centerion line?

DuckHuntin1 07-12-2013 6:02 PM

I think so. I think the boat might be 1' shorter and maybe a little narrower. I'm not sure. I do know on the research I did for a surf boat the Avy was the boat to have (with in my budget).

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