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08-26-2003 2:40 PM

Sounds as though most failed raley attempts result because peoples bodies begin to rotate. What is the direction of the rotation that everyone is describing.

badzuki 08-27-2003 7:05 AM

Went out last night and tried 3. Everything is good but I stargazed on the last 2(1st attempt I went of the wake wrong, held edge to long). The rotation is over my lead shoulder. It will help getting comfortable with the cut and force. <BR>Next time out, concentrate on leaving with weight equal on both feet and look down the rope. <BR>I know I can do one, I will not stop trying tell I get it. <BR>The normal inverts with a 3 thrown in there are not enough. When I can get out and throw a huge raley I will let go of the rope and get back in the boat. I'm done, happy as heck!!!

deepstructure 08-27-2003 4:44 PM

i was practicing raley cuts last friday. boy, when you cut right you have to fight NOT to do a raley. i can feel now how it's done. haven't gotten up the balls to try it yet, but i will soon - perhaps this holiday weekend. <BR> <BR>like bad said, for me holding the edge right up thru the wake, and keeping my weight more evenly distributed over the board, made all the difference. i was flying off the top of the wake and way out into the flats. pretty fun. <BR> <BR>as for rotation - i believe there are two common types - either forward into a front flip, or back towards the way they came, starting to stargaze or launch into a s-bend. the natural rotation when coming off like that is to backside roatation. most people aren't doing raley cuts and taking them up like backrolls (which would be frontside rotation). and that's why the s-bend is a raley with a backside 3. it's the natural way to go with that trick. like the backside overhead 3 is the natural way to go with a tantrum (whirlybird). <BR> <BR>(Message edited by deepstructure on August 27, 2003)

08-28-2003 8:42 AM

stack... u said u have to fight to not do a raley.... as long as when u hit the peak of the wake u bring the handle tight down to yor waiste, u will stand straight in the air no matter how hard u cut and how hard u stand tall. its all in where u keep the handle. many people make the mistake of trying to get bigger air and not bringing the hande tight into their waiste. next time u go out, try cutting really hard and standing really tall, but this time try to hold on handle right by your crotch as u leave the wake. <BR> <BR>[]Deace! <BR>~Jesse :D

badzuki 08-28-2003 10:06 AM

I feel like my backrolls made me have really bad habits when it comes to learning raleys. Most of all I want to cut thru the wake and I naturally am thowing my head. Besides taking a short little cut into the wake which is also opposite for a raley.

deepstructure 08-28-2003 4:29 PM

good point jesse. i'll try that tomorrow when im out. usually im good at keeping the handle down - but im sure you're right. i probably wasn't doing it since i wasn't used to having so much force coming off the wake. usually i take a pretty easy cut.

08-28-2003 5:09 PM

no prob... i cant do good raleys yet, but i can cut as hard as i want wiothout worrying about keeping my feet from floating behind me <BR> <BR>anyways, have fun <BR> <BR>[]Deace <BR>~Jesse

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