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ironcross25 07-10-2013 7:31 PM

Lake Norman gas prices
Headed Down in 2 weeks to stay on Norman for a week in a house. What are gas prices on the lake? Thinking of bringing my cans to save some$$ thanks

07-10-2013 8:17 PM

I would bring cans regardless. I don't have your prices there, but at Parker River it was $6 a gallon.

nitrousbird 07-11-2013 2:53 AM

I'm going there in a week. Friend has a dock and I'll be using gas cans. Marina is always more expensive so no reason to use it when I can fill a couple of cans and top off the boat myself.

jcon44 07-11-2013 1:05 PM

last time i bought gas on the lake it was 4.50-4.60 range, that was a few weeks ago. that was for 89 non-ethanol which i didn't think was that bad of a price. 87 at the pump yesterday was in the 3.50 range. enjoy. your trip, i hope the rain is gone by then. we have had 20 something days straight with some kind of rain :(

surffresh 07-12-2013 1:52 PM

Westport marina had on Facebook yesterday, 4.39 89oct non ethanol, not bad

jrz1 07-13-2013 5:33 AM

There is a shell station just off 77 on exit 36 (River Highway 150) that sells non-ethanol free 93 Octane for $4/gal. I go there every weekend and fill up my jugs. All but my pontoon boat require premium gas which isn't easy to find on the water and this is cheaper anyway.

nitrousbird 07-13-2013 1:16 PM


Originally Posted by jrz1 (Post 1833393)
There is a shell station just off 77 on exit 36 (River Highway 150) that sells non-ethanol free 93 Octane for $4/gal. I go there every weekend and fill up my jugs. All but my pontoon boat require premium gas which isn't easy to find on the water and this is cheaper anyway.

Do you have an exact location? I'm driving down to Cornelius on Wednesday and drive right over 150 on 77 (I have to take the 73/Sam Furr Rd exit and go about 2 miles west to my destination). If it is close to the freeway I'll fill up there as I won't be taking the boat down from Ohio on a full tank. I have no issues running E10 in the boat but if I can easily get 100% gas I'm all for it.

jrz1 07-13-2013 3:56 PM

If heading south on 77 take exit 36 then hang right on 150. Station is just off highway. It will be on your right just after Hardees. The non-ethanol pump is on the side of the lot opposite the car wash (to the left as you pull in). Was $3.95 yesterday AM.

jrz1 07-21-2013 5:34 AM

$4.19/gal there yesterday...

ironcross25 07-21-2013 10:14 AM

excellent info guys. thanks. the place we rented is right off 150 before second bridge comming from 77. I'm stoked foe the vac a. We our also scouting the area for a possible relocation in the future

ironcross25 07-21-2013 10:17 AM

nitrousbird, what part of ohio r u from?

jrz1 07-21-2013 7:42 PM

What dates will you be there?

ironcross25 07-22-2013 12:27 PM

i come in friday 7/26 and stay till the following friday 8/2

jrz1 07-22-2013 5:38 PM

Best water will clearly be weekdays - very few people generally on the lake. Weekends are a bit of a bust from a clean water standpoint though you can ride north on the lake to the point where it really becomes the Catawba river. From under the Buffalo Shoals Rd. bridge to up to I40 you have good navigable water and even on weekends can find some really flat surface. Let me know if you're looking for any other desinations etc. Few good spots to grab grub on the water around Hwy 150. Good new place on land is Taphouse at corner of Williamson/Brawley School. Good NC BBQ place is lancasters about 5 min east of 77 off Hwy 150.

Rotax National kart races are in Mooresville that week if you're into racing and want a break from the water. Think it's like $15 to get in and watch but it's only 10 min from I77 off exit 36. People in big rigs showing up with their karts from all over the country. I've got 2 kids running in different classes.

nitrousbird 07-23-2013 5:04 AM


Originally Posted by ironcross25 (Post 1834818)
nitrousbird, what part of ohio r u from?

Just north of Columbus in Powell.

Water was great. Super warm. Got plenty choppy on Saturday...I cursed out so many damn tubers. Sure we took the tubes out for a bit - in the open water that was uber choppy. Of course these a-holes chop up the good water with freaking tubes. I'm not really used to that anymore since our local water banned them.

Also did the Moorseville kart track. $45 for two 10-minute runs and it was a blast. Great area and there is a small consideration to move there if we could work out the job situations.

ironcross25 07-23-2013 11:18 AM

jim, thanks for the info. Any good places to eat on the water?

Im in uniontown between akron and canton.

jrz1 07-24-2013 7:16 PM

Sounds like you're on north end of lake. Mostly dive kind of places. There's a couple of places right around the Hwy 150 bridge. Billiard place on the NE side of the bridge isn't bad and on the SW side of the bridge theres a place we go pretty frequently that serves NC BBQ, burgers and some other bar kind of food. The BBQ is decent and the grouper bites are good. We used to go to Blue Parrott which is a little dive burger place on NE side of bridge but haven't been there in a while.

Little farther south is another dive kind of place called Lake Norman Motel (yes there is a restaurant which I think is called the Landing). Ribs, steaks etc. Pretty decent and fun atmosphere Fri/Sat evenings. South end of the lake has some more places - Midtown Sundries, Rusty Rudder, Vinnies Sardine (think it just changed ownership and name and might not be open), Prickly Pear - next to old Vinnies place - really, really good fancier mexican but a long boat ride from Hwy 150 bridge area since you have to go all the way south then north a bit again (go by land if you're looking for somewhere good close to the Hwy 150 area).

ToPHeR35 07-25-2013 8:31 AM

Oh Lake Norman, how I miss you.....

ironcross25 07-31-2013 4:37 AM

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Thanks again for the tips. Having a blast.

jrz1 07-31-2013 5:14 AM

4:37AM? Early riser eh?

Weekdays are always pretty good in terms of ability to find smooth water. Looks like rain today.

ironcross25 07-31-2013 5:33 AM

Lately it seems I can't sleep past 7 no matter how late I go to bed. Hopefully get a little bit of time in today. Been finding good water since we got here. Especially under the bridge by us but water is too high and cant fit under the bridge unless i drop the tower so we stayed out since monday. Drove to south end on Sunday. Was like crossing the ocean. Lol. Went up by the state park yesterday and it was money. The farther up we went towards the river the more debris was in the water. Lots of logs and tree limbs floating.

jrz1 07-31-2013 6:54 PM

Usually no debris unless recent rain. Then you need to watch out. It clears up in 24-36 hours though. I'm on North end of lake as well and like it much better. Good cove just south of 150 bridge to left/east if heading south.

ironcross25 08-01-2013 6:22 AM

I was back in there the other day By mistake following google maps navigating. Nice spot. It took me until now to get my bearings on navigating. Once I figured out the channel markers It made it easier and some landmarks. The wife and I are seriously looking at moving here. We have been scouting homes and land around the lake all week. Just have to find reasonable warehouse space for my business and pull the trigger. I can get used to waking up to the lake on a daily basis.

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