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07-10-2013 6:04 PM

Best New 20 foot wakeboard boat
So what do you think would have the best wake? An Axis A20, Nautique 200, Malibu Wakesetter VTX, Mastercraft X2, and any 20 footers you guys can think of. I plan on skiing a little bit, mostly wakeboarding, and surfing.

polarbill 07-10-2013 6:15 PM

Isn't there also a 20' MXZ now? I would probably take a VTX or MXZ20 over the mastercraft or nautique if budget isn't much of an issue. I would also take the VTX or MXZ20 over the RZR probably in a similar price range. If budget is a concern I would look at the A20, R20 and Moomba Outback V. I am not sure which one of those 3 I would buy. Initial thought would be A20 but I am sure the R20 would be right there. There is almost zero talk about the newer outback V but from what I have heard it is a great crossover surf, wake and ski boat.

I think I would first decide if you want to spend in the 70k+ range or in the 50k range. I would assume the A20 and MXZ20 are very similar boats in size and running surface. I would expect them as well as the VTX to perform almost identically.

Overall I think all those boats are great boats and you can't really go wrong with any of them. Go look at them all, drive them all, spend time with the dealers and make the decision that you are most comfortable with.

boardman74 07-10-2013 7:22 PM

WE have a RZR and enjoy it. They are alot of nice boats in the 20 foot segment and you can't go wrong with most. Alot comes down to budget. R20, Outback V, and maybe the A20 can be had at or below 50K lightly optioned. RZR can be had mid-high 50's. Nautique, VTX, MXZ are gonna be 60K to over 70K.

Comes down to what options are important and what you want to spend. The 50K boats put out just as good of wake as the 70K boats in this segment. IMO

Bamabonners 07-10-2013 8:31 PM

I just went through this decision and switched from Malibu to Matercraft X2. I had previously owned a 2011 vlx and 2012 lsv. We wanted a smaller boat for storage reasons and looked at the VTX, 200 sport, and the x2. We don't have a tige dealer here and none of the malibu dealers around here have much interest in ordering a 20mxz.

200 sport will be about 10k higher than the x2 and vtx on average. It was too shallow and a little too cramped compared to the others. The lack of snap out carpet was a deal breaker. Great ski wake. Electronics (Linc) is by Murphy is has proven to be a rock solid system.

Vtx is a good performer with the wedge and surf gate. Lots of cockpit room, but bow is smaller than the x2. Quad ballast tanks are available as well. Handling is crazy good. G3 tower is rock solid and looks good. Seating position is too low, bag cooler sucks, Bimini is a pain in the butt to set up and take down, no storage in the bow at all. The new vtx dash and helm are ugly in my opinion (my opinion). Plus, it doesn't show the same information that the analog gauges used to show. For instance, you can't see volts, rpm, speed, oil pressure, temp, or even hour meter without going through multiple screens. Bad decision to remove the analog gauges by malibu in my opinion.

X2 was our decision because it has Zeo Off standard, more storage, better driver position, good amount of seating in both cockpit and bow, and we felt it has a much better overall fit and finish than the 2 previous Malibus we owned. There are available ballast upgrades as well. It does not handle as well as the vtx, but it has a smoother and quieter ride. It throws a good wakeboard wake and a decent surf wake that can be improved with ballast or surf tabs. Very clean wake like the vtx, but has a longer ramp with with a little lip on top. Ski wake is not as good as vtx, but can be improved with adjustment plate (not a concern for me). The Murphy system seems to be easier to deal with and less buggy than the Medallion systems we have had on the previous Malibus. Bimini is really easy to put up and take down.

Good luck on the search. Test them all and find the one that checks the most boxes for you and NOT the people on the forum....

07-10-2013 9:02 PM

How much are you guys paying monthly for your new boat?

simplej 07-10-2013 9:16 PM

We have an rzr and I love the thing. I'll post pics later but the surf system plus a 650lb bow sack results in a wakeboard wake that will scare your kids. Surfs so easy with just stock surf ballast. Does have some negatives though, porpoises a bit if your taps isn't dialed, narrow beam is narrow.... Also finicky side to side. Have heard from others the wake is favored over the x2, mybrother says its like a meaner 210 wake. But don't have a first hand comparison myself. I would say that or a20/20mxz/r20 would be your best choices for the range

boardman74 07-10-2013 9:19 PM

How do you mean? As the loan payment? Operating cost? I guess thats an odd question. Payment is going to depend on what you finance, for how long, interest rate, and down payment. Operating cost varies alot too. Insurance, gas, maintenance..etc.

As an example 50K with little down at a decent interest rate will put you just north of $400 a month. Thats on a 15 year loan(YUCK!!) We just burned 50 gallons of gas in 3 days at an average of $3.50 a gallon, so you can easily spent another $400 plus monthly on gas and stuff.

Like they say..If you have to ask....you can't afford it!! LOL

Bamabonners 07-10-2013 9:34 PM

Lets please not make this a financial discussion. That has been covered multiple times. Stick to original topic.

boardman74 07-10-2013 9:46 PM

Umm if you mean my post it was answering the question of the OP 2 post above mine...

How much are you guys paying monthly for your new boat?"

So we are only allowed to answer the original post and never to recover material?? There goes Wakeworld!!!

Bamabonners 07-11-2013 6:24 AM

No, I was just saying that question has been beat to death on this forum and it always derails the topic. Don't be so touchy.

bruizza 07-11-2013 4:25 PM

I would just add the Tige RZR to your search. You can't go wrong with any of the boats in your list. Demo as many as you can see what you like and what you don't then pick based on what you like, dealer, and price.

redsupralaunch 07-11-2013 6:23 PM

2014 Moomba Mondo gets my vote on this one. My demo went way beyond my expectations.

Wakesounds 07-11-2013 6:35 PM


Originally Posted by redsupralaunch (Post 1833113)
2014 Moomba Mondo gets my vote on this one. My demo went way beyond my expectations.

Chris, could you explain a bit more? What did you like about the boat? What was the surf wave/board wake like and what extra ballast is needed?

rawB 08-30-2013 7:24 AM

Does the Tige R20 have the convex vx? How old of a nautique can you have the NSS installed on?

boardman74 08-30-2013 7:59 AM

R20 can have the VX yes, its an option. Its an option on all Tige boats. I think NSS can go back to 2012 and you have to have the link dash to have it. Also only goes on a few of the boats, not all according to the dealer we talked to(Marine max).

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