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dettmanjt 07-10-2013 1:28 PM

Liquid Force Board Selection
I am in the market for a new board. I'm only looking at 2012 models to save some money and Ive narrowed it down to:

2012 Liquid Force:
- Shane Hybrid
- Watson Hybrid
- Watson
- Witness Grind
- Witness

Im going to be doing 90% of my riding behind a boat, Im about 6'3" so ill most likely get something around the 140-144 range. Also I dont want a heavy board. Any recommendations would be great. THANKS

Goonz 07-10-2013 2:00 PM

Watson Hybrid for sure. I have ridden the 2011, a friend rides the 2012, it's a great boat AND cable board! It has a thin profile and is not heavy.

HotTubTony 07-10-2013 2:13 PM

I ride the 2011 Witness 144 and had the 2008 before that. I am also 6'3" (210 lbs). The board is poppy and real stable on landings. I had Shane open toe bindings on it and it was really heavy. I recently swapped them our for Ronix One (close toe) and it is MUCH lighter. You'll have to look at the specs to see how it's weight compares to the other options, but I think it is on the heavier side. I'd recommend the board, but don't have a lot to compare it to. Only other board I have ridden that I felt comfortable on was the Ronix Mana 143 because it felt a lot like the Witness. Good luck!

dettmanjt 07-10-2013 2:36 PM

Thanks Guys. I think im leaning toward the Shane Hybrid 142, has anyone ridden that board before?

adam_balon 07-11-2013 4:18 PM

the watson hybrid is so much more rider friendly!!!!!!! an amazing board........ you will love it boat or cable.

cboom12 07-11-2013 8:57 PM

Demo that Shane if possible. I have not ridden the new one but I have some of his past shapes and there is a reason his boards r not terribly big sellers. U may love it but its not for everybody. Watson on the other hand is excellent. I. Currently ride the hybrid but I came off of the classic. Both great. Boards.

ryanw209 07-11-2013 11:07 PM

Need a little more info... What board are you currently riding? What do you prefer in a board (e.g. Fast, loose, pop). Also what is your riding level? Hybrid boards are more on the advanced side so if your more of a beginner/intermediate I think you'd benifit more from a traditional construction board like the witness grind.
If your going to ride it on rails at all then eliminate anything without a grind base. One day at the cable will destroy molded fins. That being said I ride the Watson hybrid and absolutely love it. I went from a witness to a Watson classic to a Watson hybrid and I still love all those shapes. Hybrid boards will land softer and save your knees somewhat but you need to be a tail heavy rider to really benifit from the hybrid core. If you ride really front foot heavy you will probably push through the wake a lot and hate the hybrid. If you end up with a hybrid and you havent ridden one before make sure you give it at least 5 sets before you decide weather you like it or not. They take a little bit to adjust to but once you figure it out they are awesome.

I haven't ridden the Shane but I hear its a little looser than the Watson hybrid. I'm guessing you'll end up with the Watson hybrid though... It's a great shape and an all around awesome board.

Tylerwatson 07-12-2013 9:05 AM

You didn't mention it, but maybe because you have no interest in it. The Liquid Force Harley Grind is a great board, I just bought it this yr.and it lands softly, super light. and great pop. It is a little loose due to not having the added fins. But I like to get squirley out on the flatts. (HAs Molded fins tho.) For your money, id go with it. I Also Bought the Liquid force B.O.B. ( Great board also. Way more advance level in my opinion. How ever you may be a more skilled rider. My third option would be the witness grind or no grind. So to answer your question out of the list you posted, I guess the Witness would be the best option. Witness boards are very common boards, a lot of riders ride them, my guess is because they are good boards. Soap Box Done :)

ryanw209 07-12-2013 10:00 AM

^harley doesn't have molded fins. It does have a center channel and a lot of bottom features though.

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