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holmes 07-10-2013 11:22 AM

Fun edit. The video doesn't do the old VLX surfwake justice. The riders are all huge, older guy is 6'8", boys 6'6" and 6'7"....

MICAH_HARPER 07-10-2013 11:41 AM


MCObray 07-10-2013 2:18 PM

Diggin' the debadged VLX. NIce vid.

SangerTom 07-10-2013 6:15 PM

Great edit. Looked like a fun trip

holmes 07-11-2013 6:48 AM

Thanks for the nice comments. I wish I had a couple pics of the surfwake when the big boys were sitting in the corners. The old 2007 VLX just turned over 1200 hrs and has been an amazing boat. Ditched the tribal sticker and love the clean look.
Thanks again!

newwhit 07-11-2013 4:14 PM

Looks fun! What is your surf set up?

holmes 07-12-2013 7:09 AM

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Pretty much the standard, but with one little twist that really helps. Surf side rear MLS with overflow 750's, mid and front MLS, but our one trick that makes our surf and wakeboard wake noticable....we have over 600 lbs of hidden pop bags that we can change move.

We have had some pretty talented wakeboarders searching for what was different about our wake. The old VLX throws a good surf and board wake, but the pop bags, hidden, are the bomb!
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