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pctarmor 07-07-2013 7:33 PM

Any supercharged rides out there?
I have a 25 minute ride to the lake each way up and down some pretty serious hills and my armada does just fine but sometimes I wish I had more torque pulling the 5000lbs of fun. Anyone out there running the stillen supercharger on the Nissan or the TRD kit on a sequoia? Any other options with full size SUVs making serious power that is still reliable. I can't do a truck anymore, too many kids!

airbeast 07-07-2013 8:13 PM

Diesel excursion if you can find a nice one?

I'm the mountains. Pulls great compared to anything gas. Pulling with an f150, explorer, Titan, would all average around 7mpg for me. Excursion is 12-14 and isn't on the verge of blowing the engine the entire time.

I hope to keep one for the rest of my life.

ilikebeaverandboats 07-07-2013 8:14 PM

Maybe an old Excursion with a 7.3L Powerstroke :) Just so you know, this thread will quickly become a heated discussion about diesel vs. gas....

I just dont see adding a supercharger being a huge gain in the reliability department.... but hey, what do i know.

ilikebeaverandboats 07-07-2013 8:16 PM

Max beat me to it!!

dirwoody 07-07-2013 9:09 PM

Those 7.3L Excursions are beasts. Bulletproof and will pull your house down the interstate. Just hard to find.

markj 07-08-2013 12:19 AM

Had an 01 Denali with the 6.0. That thing was awesome for towing in tough hills or anywhere. Hate to say it but you might need to go American to get the torque you need now.

markj 07-08-2013 12:22 AM

Wait... "Hate to say it"? Did I just say that? Shouldn't we be proud to say it?

07-08-2013 12:36 AM

DURABURB!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrcWt6sZgpQ

markj 07-08-2013 12:58 AM

^^^ we have a winner. ^^^ Hope cost is no object though.

shawndoggy 07-08-2013 6:29 AM

I just traded a qx56 for an 01 7.3L excursion. Night and day in the towing department.

pctarmor 07-08-2013 8:38 AM

What is a reasonably acceptable mileage number for the Excursions? Most I see online have really high miles. Also, what is the biggest advantage of the bigger diesel motor over the newer one?

shawndoggy 07-08-2013 12:39 PM

6.0L diesel had some durability issues, all of which CAN be overcome, with $$$.

My 7.3 has 163k on the clock (the 06 QX had 83k). It's a "truck" and drives like one. Drive some. If they are well cared for they stay nice for a long time. Many people quit maintaining them as they age, though, and that will show. I drove 8 different excursions over the course of a year before I found the right one. And I knew immediately it was the right one when I found it (one owner, well maintained, mom-driven, super super clean).

pctarmor 07-08-2013 1:27 PM

What years had the 7.3?

07-08-2013 2:00 PM

99-early 03 had 7.3. The only negative about the 7.3 is the 4 speed transmission that usually go out around 100k. If you live on the west coast, John Woods transmission will make them bullet proof and on the east coast, suncoast transmissions. As far as turners go, DP tuner is one of the most popular. I highly recommend a turner. Our f350 is a DOG on stock settings, but on 80 Econ mode it hauls ass like no other. They even have a 120 race setting. However, if you go with a high power tuner, get an EGT gauge at least. If your from CA, we do have to smog diesels now but its mostly a visual smoke test.

A truck with 150k is pretty much just broken in as far as engine goes. Don't mind higher mileage engines, just make sure the truck itself is still in good shape.

Also, look on youtube about POWERSTROKEHELP.com. that guy has some pretty useful info. Some say he is a kook but his video are pretty entertaining.

A few good ugrades for the 7.3:
4" exhaust from down pipe back
warn hubs (if 4x4)
DP tuner

FYI: Im pretty sure alot of 7.3 excursion came factory with a CAT and CA requires one if it came factory. Make sure it has one, if not deduct it from the price. If the hood sticker says NON-CATALYST then your all good. ***only if in CA***

If you get a 6.0 powerstroke, just google, bullet proof my 6.0 or something along those lines and you'll get all the info about that. Includes: head studs, egr cooler, coolant filter etc.

Both motors are super popular and people have done tons and tons of research and red neck mechanics on them so Forums are very helpful.

timmyb 07-08-2013 2:19 PM

Dealer in Spearfish, SD has this sweet ride for ONLY $90, 450! LOL!

It does have 700HP though so that might tow your boat!

Camsquared211 07-08-2013 9:42 PM

I bulletproofed my 6.0 excursion. It runs perfect. I like it better than the 7.3 after the changes were made. We swapped out the egr and put in new head bolts.

mikeski 07-08-2013 10:56 PM

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My 2007 Avalanche with an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger. Tows great, dropped from 14mpg to 13mpg without the boat. Drinks it very fast when the boat is in tow...

ilikebeaverandboats 07-09-2013 7:43 AM

looks like everyone has you covered... but, 7.3 excursion was from 99-2003. If you find one that has been maintained, go for it. "High milage" is a relative term with diesels....they are not like gassers... The 7.3L powerstroke doesnt even get broken in untill 100-130k miles.

get yourself a nice tuner (DP Tuner or Tony Wildman Tuner), a nice set of gauges (EGT, Boost, Tranny Temp), an exhaust (no CAT, muffler if you want ;) ) and an intake.

The 7.3L has a few problems that are really small and fairly easy to fix when compared to the 6.0L. My truck is at 160K miles and I am planning on putting in Bellowed up Pipes $400 (old ones are leaking, common problem on the 7.3L) and then I am replacing my turbo pedestal $100 to delete my exhaust back pressure valve (a pointless component that gets gunked up with soot, sticks open, and leaks boost) .

The 6.0L is a viable option if you are willing to put head studs in it, EGR delete, and put in a fixed geometry turbo.. but that is gonna cost more than the 7.3L...

pctarmor 07-09-2013 9:13 AM

What is the average HP/TQ for the 7.3? Is it that much different than the 6.0?

ilikebeaverandboats 07-09-2013 6:07 PM


Originally Posted by pctarmor (Post 1832407)
What is the average HP/TQ for the 7.3? Is it that much different than the 6.0?


6.0 is more powerful stock, but if you plan to do ANYTHING to the motor you pretty much have to do head studs....the stock studs will stretch. One you've done studs, EGR delete, and fixed geom turbo, the truck is solid.

But the 7.3 will be reliable and last forever.

ifinallygota21v 07-10-2013 9:35 AM

When running a supercharger and towing you should really stay out of te boost. It's going to put excessive wear on the motor and trans. Unless you bulletproof those two you may blow things apart

JohnP 07-11-2013 9:06 PM

Have you thought of changing the rear gears ?

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