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xtremebordgurl 07-07-2013 12:49 PM

Looking for a pull in Portland, Oregon
Hello everyone!! I just moved from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon and would love to find some peeps to ride with this summer. I did being my camera out here too so I can also photograph your riding. Let me know even if you're in the surrounding area I did bring my car out so I can and will totes commute for a pull. Thanks so much!

simook 07-09-2013 3:18 PM

Welcome to Portland! I'll keep my ears open for anyone that has room.

What would you say your riding skill is?

xtremebordgurl 07-11-2013 1:05 PM

Sweet! Thanks so much kyle! I've got solid board control, my switch riding is decent but not great, I can comfortably do surface 360's, I'm not too interested in wake 2 wake tricks, I'm super easy, I like to carve around do some powerslides and that makes me pretty happy. I just love being around the sport as much as I can. I used to work in the wakeboarding industry as a professional photographer years ago and I miss it. Just looking to get on the water with good peeps.

Thanks so much!

you can check me out www.bessmarine.com to learn more about my past life as a photog

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