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boofhead 08-26-2003 1:12 PM

03 Belmont review: Shaun Muuray:'I prefer a board with a simple bottom design, because I feel this makes it glide more on the water.' <BR>New Temet board: 'Shaun also designed ten distinct asymmetrical speed channels flowing through the belly of the board,' <BR>Guess his changed his mind or I may be wrong? Wonder why, though think this board would be really interesting to ride someday.

mishaplr 08-27-2003 7:24 AM

Hey Rich, <BR> <BR>The Temet is awesome well at least I love it. The new bottom design is nice and I have ridden both with the looser end in the back and the more grabby end in the back. It glides very easily across the water and has great pop and release. Definitely try one when you get the chance. The guys at Sports Ltd hook it up for me.

canaday 08-27-2003 9:26 AM

I rode Shaun's board when he was down in San Diego, and I still think it has a fairly simple bottom design. The speed channels aren't very big at all, of course, I was also on saltwater so I might not have noticed the effect too much. I agree with Lenny. It definitely was a great board, especially since it was a lot lighter than most of HL's product line.

boofhead 08-27-2003 10:09 AM

Just looking at it it seems like a really smart idea - I ride a motive at the mo so obvious rate his boards! Hyperlite seem to have had some really original ideas this season, like this and the thro flow stuff, cant wait till they get to england (probably about this time next year!!) So I can have go on them. Was interested as to whether this board was a change of direction for him - sounds as though its more of a progression.

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