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boardman74 07-07-2013 9:26 AM

Rev 8 tuning
So I will be finishing up the second half of my install today. 2-Rev 8s run by a WS Ht-4 amp, 300 watts each. Curios where people are tuning these with similar amps.

Set up is:
Clarion Head unit(zero'd out)
Kicker ZXMRLC dual zone control/pre amp...provides a 9volt preout
WS Ht-4 Bridged channel1/2(1 Rev8), Bridged channel 3/4(2nd Rev8)

From reading online looks like the filter at hi pass set to around 100Hz, then gained up around 30-50%.

I did run the Starboard side speaker briefly after hook up to make sure everything was working and holly crap are they loud!!!

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