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jhartt3 07-04-2013 8:20 AM

Fly Fat Sac vs. Straight line Sumo Sac
So going into purchasing sacs i considered both created equal. There have recently been quite a few posts on issues with getting the sumo pump to prime... and while it does take 2 people to get it to work right i find this a small price to pay to get the one way check valve. I ride with a buddy who uses Fat sacs and we both use pumps thrown over the side to fill. So if you are going to be manually filling sacs i think there really is no equal to the new sumo sacs with the one way valve.
1. you can fill them completely full and dont have to worry about water spilling out
2. when you empty them you dont have to worry about quickly connecting the pump b/c the one valve is there to prevent water from shooting out.

Just my .02 for what its worth ... for anyone out there thinking about which to go with.

Note: one plus side of Fat Sac is they have been around longer so they are easier to come by on eBay, and forum classifieds.

strev 07-04-2013 9:00 AM

my buddy and i were just talking about this last night out on the boat. he had the tsunami pump for his bags and hated it. note: i have no experience with the with fly high so i can't comment...Thant said I love my sumo sacs and pump, the one way valve is the sh#t!! i can fill and empty sacs with out leaking more than a couple drops of water at most. never had a big enough problem with the pump not priming to post about it on WW, it's simple if it stops pumping unplug it and plug it back in, thats it!

if i was buying bags to plumb into my boat i would buy fly high bags because there are way more options in size and the bags are pro a little thicker. but for a bag or two to just throw around the boat my money is with sumo...

downfortheride 07-04-2013 9:44 AM

Just used my new Sumo sack and pump for the first time last weekend and I will never go back. I always had fly high but water everywhere when filling and draining. The sumo got about a shot glass worth of water in the bow. First drop in the water for the pump and not a problem getting water to start flowing right away. I was worried about the posts on here but it was the exact opposite, plugged it in once to fill and once to drain. Go Sumo!

LYNRDSKYNRD 07-04-2013 10:29 AM

I was one of the ones complaining about the sumo pump not priming. I did as suggested and pushed down on it prior to plugging it in and it worked perfectly, my problem was user error.

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