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riehs 07-03-2013 3:47 PM

Is this board ok?
Tried wakeboarding for the first time 2 weeks ago (only have been 2 times) with a board that was given to me when I got my boat a few years ago. I sucked miserably the first time getting up for a few seconds. I do have a background of water skiing but realized my second time that the rope was too long. Rope was shortened and bam was up no problem and riding. After researching online it looks like the bindings are setup kind of funny. I also noticed that there is 1 thumbscrew and 1 bolt in each binding. The bolts look rusted to hell and afraid to touch them. Is this standard or should there be 2 thumbscrews holding each boot in? Wondering if i should try taking the bolts out and replacing with 2 more screws. I really don't know how i should feel, or even what foot to lead with, or anything else since it is all so new. From what I found online I should have my rear foot at 0 deg and front angled slightly out. I tried jumping off a step ladder and my feet don't land anywhere close to how its setup now. Any help appreciated as I want to get back out tomorrow. Very addicted.



WakeJp12 07-03-2013 6:47 PM

Just keep tweaking them as you ride... there's no right or wrong way to position your bindings, It all about how they feel to you

wakerider111 07-03-2013 10:20 PM

if your worried the bolt would break tampering with it then i might be worried that the bolt would break while riding which could cause the boots to swivel and cause injury in worst case scenario.
if the insert get trashed when removing the bolt there are other inserts to use. get some new bolts or thumb screws and angle the boots so as your knees bend over and in same direction as your toes

riehs 07-04-2013 9:42 AM

thanks for the tips. I think ordering some new thumbscrews may be the best option before i start tweaking it.

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