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brianl 07-03-2013 1:08 PM

Water Car Panther
Has anyone seen one of these? I am sure its been tossed around here a few times. I just saw this today so excuse me if its been around. Obviously its a novelty item, but man wait until the part when they drive by all the women and watch them line up. Enjoy! :cool:


tonyv420 07-03-2013 1:54 PM

Thats freakin funny!! wonder what kinda price they will ask?

downfortheride 07-03-2013 2:54 PM


chattwake 07-03-2013 3:06 PM

125k I think

johnny_defacto 07-03-2013 3:57 PM

that thing is suprisingly awesome. It does both really well. It sure seems fast in the water and I like how at the end when he comes out of the water he pins it and the car shoots out down the road. Well done... for a vehicle I would never buy.

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